Bad Boys

"Where's Sunshine?" asked Deb, taking out her order pad. "Don't tell me you dumped him somewhere?"

Brian rolled his eyes. "I'm not a camp counselor."

"And if you were, what camp would that be?" asked Ted. "Camp Fuck-a-Lot?"

Michael, Em, and Deb laughed while Brian said nothing, just stuck out his tongue.

"So where is the Boy Wonder?" asked Michael, unnecessarily consulting the menu.

Stretching his arm out along the back of the seat, Brian nudged Michael's head and replied, "Having din-din with Daphne."

Deb smiled. "I like her. She's cute. They're both cute." She snorted. "Too bad she doesn't have a cock. Your problems would be solved, Brian."

"How," inquired Michael. "You think Justin would go for her instead?"

"Nah. Just that with two of them to satisfy, he'd be too tired to go out and get into trouble."

The entire table burst out laughing, even Brian.

"So what'll it be, boys? And, by the way, Brian, we're out of your favorite."

Regretting it even as he asked, he said, "And what would that be?"

Eyes twinkling with mischief, she replied, "Chicken."

After dinner they headed over to Babylon's to work off, as Brian said, "Four coronaries and twenty pounds of fat on our asses."

"Well," quipped Emmett, "you could use some extra padding back there."

Flipping him the finger, Brian strode out in front and up the stairs to Babylon.

They grabbed four beers and took up posts along the upper level rail overlooking the dance floor. Ted paused with his beer upturned and said, "Isn't that Justin down there?"

"Where?" asked Michael.

Ted pointed. "There."

Emmett laughed. "Dinner with Daphne, huh? Looks like you're not the only one who likes to play, Brian."

"Good," growled Brian. "Maybe he'll find someone else to irritate." He finished his beer and placed the empty bottle on the floor at their feet. "I'm going to dance."

"Uh-oh," Em warned.

The other three watched as he made his way down to the dance floor, on the prowl, eyes sweeping the crowd in search of new prey. Which, coincidentally, he seemed to find in the vicinity of Justin. Their eyes met briefly and then Brian attracted the attention of a nearby guy. Almost immediately they began to put on a down and dirty show, crotches rubbing and hands on asses. Justin, momentarily taken aback, returned his focus to his partner and they too kicked it up a notch. As if responding to an unheard signal, the men around them shifted their awareness to the two couples.

Above them Em, Ted, and Michael shook their heads in disbelief. How did Brian constantly keep things heated up like that? It was if he lived for nothing except to fuck. And they knew that wasn't true. He was fanatical about his job and just as good at advertising as he was at fucking. He exuded sex. No. he was sex. Embodied. And at that moment his body was being appreciated by a group of three guys: his original partner plus two others who had pushed through the crowd to be with him. They surrounded him and jostled with one another for his attention.

Justin, dismayed, watched as the men lead Brian to the back.

Overhead, Ted said incredulously, "Three guys?"

Em sulked. "Greedy bastard."

Brian allowed his partners free rein with his body. One was busy kissing him, while the second one pushed up his shirt and sucked his tits, and the third tore open his pants and grabbed his cock. With so many competing sensations coursing through his body he was surprised that he even noticed when Justin entered the back room. Fuck! He had told Justin never to come back here, had refused to take him inside himself. It was no place for a kid. And here he was, despite all the warnings, with some trick. Well, fuck him. If he thought he was big enough to take care of himself, then let him. He had better things to do than to look after some snot-nosed kid. Like enjoying the trio of talented tongues at work on his body.

He knew Brian had seen him. Even though he appeared oblivious to everything, Justin had felt Brian's awareness shift for a second to himself. Of course, he remembered Brian's warnings. Well, fuck him, if he could come back here, high on something, with three guys, he was safe with just one. And he was stone-cold sober. Besides the guy only wanted to suck him off. That's what he kept whispering. Justin let him push him back against the wall and unzip his pants. He inhaled as the guy knelt, eased down his pants and briefs, and pounced on his dick.

"Well," asked Emmett, who had seen Justin heading for the back room, "is somebody going back there and dragging him out or what?"

Michael shook his head. "No fucking way. He's a big boy. Besides, Brian's back there."

"Honey, I am talking about Brian."

Aware that both Emmett and Ted expected him to do something, he swore, "Fuck," and handed Ted his beer.

"Toodle-loo," waved Emmett, turning the motion into his latest dance craze, the Praise Jesus.

Ted rolled his eyes and moved away from him. "Christ."

Michael entered the back room to find Brian lying on top of a flat surface. His three partners had divided his body into zones: one worked over his chest, one sucked his cock, and the other was eating out his ass. Wanting to look anywhere except at his best friend being serviced, Michael caught a glimpse of Justin being blown not five feet away. Fuck, they weren't easy on one another. Ignoring the glares the three men gave him, Michael leaned over Brian's head and said, "Come on. You're going home."

His eyes were glazed over. He muttered, "In a minute." Revised his statement. "Five minutes."

But Michael held his face and said firmly in a voice that brooked no argument, "No. Now." He slapped him lightly to snap him out of the haze he was in and then announced to the three guys still working on him, "Okay, guys. Kitchen's closed. He's going home." Then to Brian, "Get up."

Groggily, Brian complied and the three tricks begrudgingly released him.

"Pull up your pants and let's go." He shot a look over at Justin who was watching him with an open mouth. "You too, Boy Wonder. We're going back to the Bat Cave."

By the time they stumbled through the door to Brian's loft, the effects of the drug he had taken had begun to wear off. He slouched on one of the bar stools with his head propped on his hand. Michael pushed back his head. "You okay?"


He let him go. "Good." Then to Justin, "That means you can slide up and down the Bat Pole all night if you want. I'll bring the jeep back tomorrow."

Justin watched him go, unsure of what might happen now that he was gone. Brian hadn't said two words to him since leaving Babylon. Had sat up front with Michael instead of in back with him. Thinking it might be better if he just slept on the sofa, Justin went over to the couch and started undressing. After a few moments, he heard Brian get up and grab some water. Then he climbed the steps to his bedroom on surprisingly steadier legs than the ones that had come inside the door just minutes before. Justin forced himself not to look around, instead dropped off the last of his clothes, grabbed the afghan from the back of the sofa and snapped it open.


He turned and looked.

Brian was naked except for a pair of black bikini briefs. He crooked his finger at Justin who hesitated before complying. When Justin got within reach, Brian took hold of his arm in a firm grip. "I thought I told you, stay out of the back room."

Justin looked up into his eyes, hoping to see a hint of a reprieve. There was none. "You did."

"You were supposed to be at dinner with Daphne."

"We finished early?" It was more question than statement.

Brian lowered his face to Justin's and said, "I think you should be punished." And then the tip of his tongue emerged and Justin knew that it was okay. Brian released him and sat on the bed with his back against the headboard. "I'm waiting." Justin climbed onto the bed and started to sit next to Brian when Brian said, "Uh-uh. Bend over." Pause. "Over my lap."

Heart beating rapidly, unsure as to what Brian was going to do, Justin got to his knees and then laid across Brian's lap, his groin against Brian's thigh. Slowly, he felt Brian pull down his underwear, exposing his buttocks. And then he felt Brian's hand cup one of his cheeks. His cock stirred. Maybe this wouldn't-

Thwack! The first blow startled him and it was a moment before he realized what had happened, that Brian had smacked his ass. Hard. His skin stung. Just as he was about to complain that Brian had hit him too hard, another blow landed right in the same spot. He started to raise up but Brian laid a hand between his shoulders and pressed down. "Stay." Another smack, this time on the other cheek. Justin squirmed but didn't struggle. Seven more times Brian slapped his ass, five blows for each buttock. By the time he finished Justin's ass was red and tender but something else had happened. He actually had begun to get excited by the blows. He was certain Brian could feel his erection pressing against his thigh. But if he did, he gave no sign of it.

Releasing Justin, he said, "Go get the lotion from the bathroom." Just did so and at Brian's command laid face down on the bed. He hissed at first as Brian applied lotion to his tingling ass, but soon Brian's talented hands had him rubbing his hard-on against the comforter. That only lasted a moment as Brian said in a sharp voice, "Turn over." Carefully, Justin turned over onto his back, expecting to feel a shock of pain when his tender ass met the surface of the comforter but it didn't hurt. He felt a little sore, that's all. And even that was turning him on. Who would have thought getting a spanking would be so erotic? He started to wrap his hand around his cock when Brian barked, "Don't." He climbed over Justin and looked down at him. "I don't think you've been punished enough." Justin was about to protest and then he thought, If this is his idea of punishment, bring it on.

Brian left the bed and rummaged in his toy chest. Returned with a blindfold. Threw it down on Justin's chest. "Put it on." Justin slipped it over his head and adjusted it over his eyes. "Good. Now stretch out." Justin opened his legs and raised his arms until he formed a pale X. "The more you move, the more you'll be punished." Justin heard him in the chest again. "The more noise you make, the more you'll be punished. Got it?" Instead of answering or doing anything, Justin remained still and silent. "Good boy."

Justin licked his lips, completely ignorant of Brian's intentions. The man hadn't moved for a minute or more since returning to the bed and kneeling at his side. At best, Justin supposed he was just looking at him, but he couldn't tell for sure. The idea of Brian savoring his naked body turned him on more than anything else had tonight and he felt his cock twitched. And then something struck his cock. It felt like a broad, sable brush, incredibly soft. Forgetting Brian's instructions, he gasped and arched his back. "Bad boy." The brush returned, covering the head of his cock entirely. Biting his lip he pressed down against the bed with his hips. "Better. But you still moved." The brush began to move in lazy circles around his cock head. Traveled down his shaft. Over his balls. Down between his thighs. Probing for his hole. Justin thought he would go crazy with desire. His chest rose and fell rapidly as he fought to remain still, to remain quiet. Something trickled down his cock. Precum.

The brush moved, tickled his right nipple, lifting the metal ring. Grateful that the cock torture had ended, Justin thought he had a better chance of enduring this. And then Brian began to speak as he worked, moving from nipple to nipple. "I wish you had a foreskin. I would slide it back over your dick and lick your cock head until you screamed." The combination of strokes to his nipples and talk about his cock caused his shaft to throb. Mouth open, he panted openly now, uncaring if it earned him further punishment. The brush stroked his bottom lip. "I would spit on the tip and let the skin roll back over, and use it to spread my saliva all over the head." Justin's head lolled about on the bed as his cock stretched towards his belly button, leaking freely now. The brush continued to stroke his lips. "I would bring our dicks together and stretch your skin over my cock. Can't you feel it? Our dicks kissing. Holes open and pressed together like tiny mouths." A gush of precum flowed over Justin's stomach.

Justin felt the brush leave his mouth and move over his belly. Then, the tip wet, Brian used it to paint his nipples with precum, dipping into his navel to coat it with clear liquid too. At that point Justin began to whimper. He couldn't last much longer even if he wanted and he didn't. He wanted to come like he had never wanted to before. His balls ached and he knew it would take only one little something more to release him. Brian began to speak again. "I would jack us off until we came, filling your skin with creamy cum," and as he spoke, Brian reached down and caught hold of Justin's swollen cock and ran his thumb over the moist head. Justin cried out and a fountain of cum spewed from his slit. It fell in thick drops upon his chest and Brian's fist. Each time Brian's thumb moved over his hole, Justin gasped and the cum geysered. Finally, empty, he collapsed upon the bed, trying to get back his bearings. Brian let go of his cock and ran his hands through Justin's cum, spreading it over his body, inducing a last surge of pleasure. Then he removed the blindfold and kissed Justin hard upon the mouth, his tongue flickering inside. He pulled away. "Now you know what happens to bad, little boys. So what's it gonna be?" Brian asked sitting up against the headboard again. He rose up and slipped off his briefs, his cock hard against his belly. "Good boy? Or bad boy?"

Justin got on his hands and knees and crawled between Brian's legs. Ran his tongue around Brian's cock head. "Bad," he replied, looking up into Brian's eyes. "Very, very bad."

Brian laid his head back as his cock disappeared inside Justin's mouth. "Good boy."

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