For Colleen on the occasion of her birthday

You give me butterflyz
Got me flyin' so high in the sky
I can't control the butterflyz...

"I didn't know I moaned that much," Justin commented, his cheeks slightly red, watching himself on the videotape.

"That's what turns me on the most."

"Yeah?" Embarrassment turned to pride.

Brian licked his lips. "I still remember the night after you got your nipple ring…. the way you moaned when we fucked…. I swear my dick got harder every time I heard you," he confessed. On the screen they were kissing on the sofa as Brian stroked his little boy's cock through his trousers, Justin moaning into his mouth.

Justin said, "I can't believe we did that," meaning taping themselves having sex.

In the video, Brian shifted and the television came into view over his shoulder. On it, Brian and Justin writhed about on the bed having sex. Watching the two sets of lovers, Brian said, "I can; I just can't believe we did it twice."

Justin parted from Brian and whispered almost breathlessly, "Rewind it."

Taking his hand from inside the teen's briefs where it had been kneading, stroking, and pumping his eager cock, Brian stopped the tape and hit the rewind button. As the tape whirred, he took the opportunity to pull his pants and underwear all the way off; they'd been pushed down around his knees for the past fifteen minutes.

Justin, meanwhile, willed his dick to soften, wanting to feel Brian's hands and mouth on him for a time to come. He didn't want to blow yet. Not yet.

Brian knelt behind Justin and kissed the smooth column of his neck. "You taste good," he said and the youth smiled and unbuttoned his jeans. But Brian rebuttoned them. "Slowly," he said. "I want this to last a long, long time." He cupped Justin's cock through his pants and stroked him, kissing his neck and shoulders. Then, releasing him, Brian slipped his hand up under the boy's tee shirt and rolled his nipples between his fingers. Justin sighed as Brian played with the sensitive tips, gasped when he tugged on the nipple ring.

"What does that feel like?" Brian asked watching himself pull the tit ring.

"Incredible. Sometimes I can feel it all through my cock." He reached inside his briefs and drew out his dick which had lost some of its rigidity. Rubbed his fingers over the tip. "You think I should get it pierced too?"

"A Prince Albert?" Justin nodded. "I've never been fucked by a guy with one of those. I wonder how it feels." His eyes were fixed on Justin's cock head.

"I could get one and we could find out."

"I think," Brian said, lowering his head, "I like your dick just the way it is," and delicate as a honeybee sipping necter from a flower, he flicked his tongue over the tip.

He saw the tip of Justin's tongue peek from between his lips as his lover's head bobbed over his groin on the television. Next to him, Justin's mouth was parted slightly. He could see the outline of the teen's cock beneath the sweats he wore and was painfully aware of his own erection pressing against the confines of jeans. Watching himself go down on Justin, he nearly laughed, imagining people turning on their television sets and watching him and Justin fucking. He wondered if they'd get turned on, if straight couples would get off on that, seeing Justin ride his cock. With a groan of relief, he unzipped his jeans and freed his hard-on. He glanced over at Justin, his dick had gotten even stiffer, tenting the front of his pants.

Like eating a strawberry, Brian opened his lips around the head of Justin's cock and sucked on it, savoring the sweet taste. Through partially closed eyes, Justin watched Brian's hand slide up and down his cock and heard the other Justin gasp as the man's fingertip played inside his hole, opening up his cock. Brian pulled his finger away and a line of precum stretched from the pad to the tip of Justin's dick.

You were made for me...

"Stroke it," Brian told his lover and the boy took over pulling on his cock while Brian parted his cheeks, wet a finger, and began fingering his other hole. Periodically spitting on his fingers, he massaged and probed Justin's ass until the teen was moaning like crazy and begging his lover to fill him up. Finally, Brian pressed two fingers against the relaxed opening and pushed inside, burying them both to the hilt. Justin's mouth fell open and he released his dick. It sprang from his grip and slapped against his belly, leaving precum on his skin.

Lifting his head from between Justin's thighs, Brian glanced up at him, the teen's face enrapt as he gazed at the video of Brian finger fucking his hole. Taking a cue from his on-screen persona, he lifted Justin's leg over his shoulder and brushed his fingertip over his puckered lips. Justin gasped and closed his eyes although he could still hear the moaning from the tape interwoven with the sounds he was now making. As Brian eased his index finger up inside Justin, he continued to suck his cock, filling his mouth with Justin's hard flesh. Shuddering, Justin began begging Brian to fuck him, fuck him, wanting it so badly he could barely speak, the words wrapped around his cock, rubbing against the opening of his hole, clenching his belly, and pinching his tits.

Justin lay supine on the bed, legs spread in a V as Brian lowered himself onto him, the head of his cock stretching the teenager open with each second of pressure until the largest part passed through and his lover's muscles clamped down on him.

Moist hands around each other's dick, Justin and Brian slowly jacked one another's meat while watching their doubles fuck. Listening for cues, adjusting their actions, they found the right rhythms and correct amount of pressure to produce and maintain the maximum of pleasure.

Brian shifted positions and, with one foot on the floor and the other on the sofa, eased his dick inside Justin, who was bent double below him. The teenager cried out as he was penetrated, catching his lip between his teeth, sweat beading on his forehead and rolling down his face. Head lolling about on the chair arm, he glimpsed himself being fucked on the television.

Supporting himself on his hands and arms, Brian thrust into Justin's hole, withdrawing to the tip and then sliding all the way back in before Justin could catch his breath. The room was filled with their ragged panting, with Justin moaning into the comforter, and with the wet sound of fucking. Lube ran down between Justin's thighs dampening the bed beneath him. It felt like the tiny feet of an insect traveling down his skin.

Brian placed a hand on either side of Justin's head and kissed him hard as the teen climbed upon this lap and sat down on his cock. He slid up into his lover with relative ease and sighed as Justin's ass came to rest against his groin. The floor was hard but he barely felt it, all he could concentrate on was how tight Justin had suddenly become as the teen gripped him with his muscles and held on. "Fuck!" he exclaimed and leaned back against the sofa, cock throbbing as the teen's warm, swollen lips traveled the length of his shaft. Justin loosened his grip and rose up off of him slowly, savoring each hard inch. The air reverberated with the sound of Justin moaning, both in real time and from the speakers that were hooked up to the television. Brian felt dizzy listening to the flock of groans and moans in stereo sound.

One more, one more stroke, one more, he thought and then he shuddered and came, his head thrown back, neck bared and tendons taut, a shout strangled in his throat. When his muscles had relaxed enough to permit him to move, he changed positions, kneeling behind Justin, still buried inside the teen, and the boy rose up onto his hands and knees and reached for his cock, jerking on it until he came, Brian's dick hard inside him. As Justin beat off, Brian stroked and scratched his pumping hips, whispering, "That's my little boy, that's my baby. Come on, baby. Come on..." and Justin groaned as Brian's words grabbed hold of his nuts and yanked the cum from them, thick juice spewing onto the bedspread to lie there like pools of liquid pearls.

Justin was wearing him out, fucking his cock raw. Jamming his ass down on Brian's dick, Justin tightened around his shaft and rocked his hips back and forth rapidly, squeezing Brian until he cried out and blew his load. Standing up and off of Brian, Justin gasped as the man sucked on his balls and thrust a finger up his gummy hole. With a shout, he sprayed the sofa, Brian's back, and his own belly. Collapsing into one another's arms, the two men watched drowsily as their on-screen selves jerked to a finish. "I love you, baby," Brian said and his words took flight on fragile, silken wings, brushing against his baby's soft skin.

Cock slamming into a willing ass, pubic hair and hole sticky with lube, the two lovers grunted and groaned as they fucked. Brian gripped the arm of the couch and rammed his dick home while Justin worked his own cock and balls with both hands. Squeezing his eyes shut, he exhaled noisily and spat cum the length of his torso. Justin's hole began to spasm, setting Brian off, and he gave a cry while cum geysered from his cock, filling the tip of the condom he wore. Withdrawing slowly, muscles still twitching, he lay down upon his lover, enveloped in his waiting arms.

Justin lay on the rug next to Brian and stroked his smooth stomach, feeling the muscles flutter beneath his fingers. Like butterflies.

You give me butterflyz
Got me flyin' so high in the sky
I can't control the butterflyz...

"Butterflyz" written by Alicia Keys, published by Lellow Music Publishing, EMI Music Publishing (ASCAP), 2001.

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