The piece of plastic covering the leather chaise lounge crinkled beneath Justin as he shifted.

“Be still,” ordered Brian. He finished tying the last of the ropes to the chair’s metal frame.

Justin tested the ropes one last time. He was bound to the chair, legs drawn back over his chest, thighs open to expose his genitals and anus. Ropes were knotted around his arms and legs leaving the middle part of his body open to Brian’s ministrations. “Do we really need these?”

Surveying his work, Brian asked, “Do you want to be known as the ‘One-Nut Wonder’?” Justin shook his head. “I didn’t think so. Besides,” he grinned, “I like seeing you helpless. Dependent on me—”

“Aren’t I always?” When Brian didn’t answer, Justin tried to relax but another question burned to be asked. “Is this safe?”

Brian stood and leaned in over him. “Don’t you trust me?” He flicked his finger against Justin’s nipple ring. “After all, you let a complete stranger do this to you.”

“She was a licensed professional.”

A twinkle gleamed in Brian’s eye. “She probably printed it on her iMac.” He opened the razor’s top and checked the blade.

“Will you let me do you?”

He looked over at Justin. “Me? Let you near my nuts with a razor?” Sniggered. “Yeah. Well, we all have a dream.” Shook his head in amusement. “I have a guy. When I start to get shaggy, I give him a call.” Grinned. “If you’re good, I’ll let you watch sometime. He does me in his bathtub.” Placing the razor on the side table, Brian removed a sponge from a bowl of water. Squeezed it out over Justin’s body. “It can get messy.”

“I like messy.”

“Kids. Now, be still.” Replacing the sponge, he squeezed a generous amount of shaving gel into the palm of his hand, rubbed his hands together, and worked up a good lather. As he spread the lather over Justin’s chest in ever widening circles, he talked. “First, he soaps me up. Just the places where he’s going to shave. And then all over cause he gets me so fuckin’ hot I want him to touch me everywhere. My arms, my thighs, legs, back, feet.” His hands made their way down Justin’s torso to his groin. Making a tunnel of his fist, he soaped the teen’s cock. Massaged lather into his pubic hair and down between his thighs. Over his balls, down the strip of flesh between scrotum and anus, and finally between his buttocks. Justin’s head lolled about on the headrest of the lounger. “Then, after I’m covered in lather, he takes out his razor. He uses a straight razor—I’m not that good—and he shaves my chest. Slowly.” Brian picked up the razor. “You want the blindfold?”

Justin shook his head. “I wanna see.”

“Then open your eyes and look.” Razor held firmly between strong fingers, Brian began to shave the sparse patch of hair on Justin’s chest. “Right up to the nipple. In smooth, even strokes.” Justin shivered as Brian encircled his nipples and began to move down the middle of his torso. “Right down the pleasure line.”

“Pleasure line?”

“Right down here,” Brian replied, drawing the razor down his chest to his belly. He gave the teen’s flat stomach a couple of passes and heard Justin hiss. His back arched slightly. Taking the razor away, Brian flattened his palm over Justin’s belly and held it there a moment to steady him.

Raising his head Justin asked apprehensively, “Does he shave it all off?”

Brian smiled. “He leaves the bush. Sometimes I let him trim and shape it. But not too often. That’s just a little too faggoty. Don’t laugh,” he warned seeing Justin’s muscles tense. “And don’t move.”

Assured that he wouldn’t be completely naked, Justin relaxed. “Then what?”

“Then I lift my legs and he shaves my balls. By then I’m so hard I could come but I don’t. Not yet. Not. Yet,” he repeated.


Pausing before continuing, Brian said, “Breathe.” Justin took a deep breath. “Let it out.” He did. One hand held gently against Justin’s cock and sac, Brian shaved the crease between his thigh and balls on one side and then the other. Careful not to make any sudden moves, he made his way over Justin’s sac, attentive to the boy’s slightest reaction, until his scrotum was smooth. He kissed a lather-free spot on Justin’s inner thigh. “There.”

“Will it itch?”

“When it starts to grow back.” He stroked the plump sac, pink from the attention it had received. “But it’ll be worth it.” Another dip in the water to clear the razor and he bent once more to his work. Continuing his story, he said, “Then I get on my hands and knees and he shaves my ass until it’s as smooth as a baby’s. I feel sorry for my hole. Poor, defenseless bud… Even though I know he’s careful, I can’t help it.” Justin’s hole tensed. “I always tighten up.” The razor glided over the perineum which was practically hairless to the area around Justin’s asshole which was surrounded by fine, blond wisps. More than once Brian had lapped at his hole, tongue flattening the hairs around it. Now, they disappeared beneath the head of the razor. Once all of the hairs had been removed, Brian squeezed more gel onto his finger. “But then he slips his finger inside, all slippery with lather,” and in went his finger. “I go crazy and he fucks me. His dick’s so hard it feels like iron.”

Trying to ignore the finger moving inside his ass, Justin asked, “You let him fuck you?”

Brian slowly twisted his finger as it slid in and out of Justin’s ass. “You don’t think I can take it? The best tops take it up the ass every now and then. If I know what feels good as a bottom, then I know what to do as a top.”

Eyelids fluttering, Justin inhaled sharply. Then, “So you like it?”

Opening his hole with a second finger, Brian countered with, “Don’t you?” No answer was necessary as Justin’s belly rippled and his hole tightened around Brian’s fingers. “By the time we’re finished, there’s water everywhere.”

Justin tried to move his hips to force Brian’s fingers deeper but Brian had done a good job of tying him down. “You need a bathtub.”

“Shower’s working fine.” His fingers slipped from Justin’s hole.

“Untie me.” Brian remained where he was. “Please.”

But instead of untying him, Brian stood and threw one leg over the chair so that he straddled Justin. Both their eyes were drawn to his erection. Taking hold of the back of the chaise lounge, Brian moved closer to Justin’s face. When Justin moved his head, Brian barked, “Lie still.” And then he rubbed his cock over Justin’s lips, teasing him, daring him to open his lips. “I think you want it. Don’t you?” Justin looked up to see if Brian was giving him permission. “Open wide.” Brian stared down into the inside of Justin’s mouth. Moving closer, he fed the teen his cock, sighing as it came to rest upon Justin’s tongue. Almost immediately, Justin began to suck him, letting Brian dictate how far up his shaft he got. Saliva ran down his chin as Brian slowly fucked his mouth, never thrusting hard enough or deep enough to gag him. His own cock was throbbing, he had a raging hard-on and wanted nothing more than for Brian to release him and fuck him, bring him off. Letting go of the back of the chair, head thrown back, Brian entwined both hands in his hair making it look even wilder than normal. Giving a groan, he pulled out and moved to the side of the lounger. Knelt and began to work at the ropes. Cursed when his knots proved to have been tied too well.

Meanwhile the lather had begun to dry and was itching Justin, which, combined with his erection, was about to drive him out of his mind. “Hurry,” he begged.

“Fuck!” barked Brian. He paused and took a deep breath. Tried to concentrate on something other than the desire to fuck Justin senseless. Tried to concentrate on the ropes. Clumsy fingers became dexterous and in a few moments he had the first of the knots undone. A few moments more and Justin was free. Taking a minute to give Justin’s muscles a chance to adjust, they hurried to the bathroom and into the shower. Two sets of hands fumbled at the knobs. Their mouths came together as the water pelted their skin, turning the dried gel back into lather. Brian filled his hands with Justin’s ass, working the two plump globes against one another. Reaching down between them, Justin cupped Brian’s dick, gently squeezing his sac while he used the man’s cock to stroke his own. Groaning into Justin’s mouth, Brian pulled away, turned Justin around, and pressed on his back. Justin flattened his hands against the wall, hips thrust back, legs spread wide. “Fuck!” Brian exited the shower, yanked open the medicine cabinet, grabbed a condom pack and tore it open.

“Hurry,” Justin urged, head hanging between his shoulders. His voice was muted by the glass walls and the pouring water but Brian heard him all the same.

Condom in place, Brian returned to the shower and wasted no time in burying his cock deep inside Justin’s ass. The teen shouted as Brian nailed him on every stroke, dick pressing against his prostate, sending electric shocks up his rectum. Shocks that, like a gear, seemed to wind him tighter and tighter. Breath ragged, he began to pant, mouth open, eyes closed. Brian pulled almost all the way out and then slammed into him, ripping a cry from his throat. He could feel Brian’s hands at the juncture of his hips, drawing him back and holding him firm as he began a series of short jabs signaling his oncoming orgasm. Squeezing his buttocks tight, he felt Brian’s dick head swell. Brian bellowed and jerked against him. Exhaled violently and jerked again. Ground his groin against Justin’s ass as he rode out his climax. Giving a final groan, Brian ceased to thrust, remained inside him as his heart rate slowed. Then, withdrawing, he went to his knees, and pressed his face between Justin’s cheeks. Gnawed and licked at the much abused lips of his asshole while the teenager whimpered and stroked his turgid cock. Brian thrust his tongue up into him and licked around the inner rim of his ass. Reaching between Justin’s thighs, he took over jacking his dick. Tongue working in his ass, Brian squeezed the head of Justin’s cock until it swelled and the first glob of cum struck the wall of the shower. Hands scrabbling to gain purchase on the slick surface of the shower, Justin shouted as Brian licked between his cheeks, hand still working on his erupting cock.

Coming out of the shower, having rested for a few moments, Justin looked around the bathroom and laughed. Brian cursed softly. Water had pooled on the floor around the shower. In his haste to fuck Justin he had forgotten to close the shower door. Justin splashed through it on the way to the kitchen to get the mop. Grinning, he sashayed out of the bathroom, tossing over his shoulder, “Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink…”

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