“Are you sure you don’t mind me using your computer?” Justin asked as he logged onto the web and brought up Netscape.

Brian rolled his shirt sleeves to above the elbow and ran his fingers through his hair, checking his appearance in the mirror. “As long as you don’t delete any of my files or download any porn to the hard drive.”

Justin pressed his lips together in an effort not to say anything and failed. “What about reading your email?” he asked with a grin.

“If you can figure out the login name and password, go for it,” replied Brian. “Save me the trouble of clearing out the troll roll.” He walked over to where Justin sat and glanced at the screen to make sure the teen wasn't really trying to access his email account.

“You mean you don’t attract only the finest?” teased Justin.

As he passed by Justin, Brian pressed his knuckles into his back and pushed him forward. “It’s not the steak’s fault if flies start to buzz around it.”

“Flies wouldn’t buzz if you didn’t leave your meat lying around where they could get to it,” Justin retorted. Brian shot him a look but didn’t say anything. “You going out?”


He shrugged. “I really need to concentrate, that’s all,” he said typing in the address for wordflash.com, a free online vocabulary builder. Then, looking over his shoulder to where Brian stood near the kitchen counter, he asked, “You weren’t planning on bringing any tricks home, were you?”

“Would that disturb you?”

“I only need a couple hours.” He shrugged. “After that, what do I care? I don’t live here anymore.” That said he turned his attention back to the screen and logged into the service, having put Brian and his plans for the evening out of his mind.

Brian watched the bright head bend towards the computer screen in concentration. Like that, he had been dismissed. Pursing his lips, he leaned against the counter, perplexed. He could tell when someone was studiously trying not to notice him, and that was just as good as being actively pursued; but Justin appeared to be completely oblivious to his presence. He pushed from the counter and crossed the room, noisily climbing the steps to his bedroom. Looked back. Justin hadn’t moved, hadn’t given any indication that he was aware of Brian still being in the apartment. Narrowing his eyes, Brian sat on the bed and pondered his next move.

Flying through the word lists, hampered only by the speed of the website, Justin figured he might get through in less than two hours and then he could get in some extra studying for his chemistry test. The words weren’t really difficult, even the advanced ones, but it was good to go through them anyway because you never knew when a simple word could trip you up. Especially if you were dealing with shades of meaning. It was a good thing the people at the SATs didn’t know Brian, he knew more about shades of meaning than anyone Justin had ever met. Nothing he said could ever be taken at face value. Nothing he did was ever easy to decipher. His motives were usually hidden, maybe even from himself. Justin didn’t know. All he did know for certain was that life was certainly a lot more interesting and challenging since he had Brian. He looked at the word on the screen and blinked. Lost his concentration for a moment. Pushing Brian to the back of his mind, he returned to the task at hand.

Maybe tonight was a good night to stay in, thought Brian. Wednesdays were slow at Babylon, it wouldn’t hurt to stay home and get some rest, actually get eight hours sleep instead of four or five. Or less. He rolled his eyes. God! He was letting Justin get to him. Who cared if a fucking kid was ignoring him? He could go to Babylon and have his pick of the place. Snorting, he stood. Fuck it. He’d meet the guys at Babylon, work up a good sweat on the dance floor, and then do a slow cool down in the back room. Lips curled at the edges, he said a mental goodbye to Justin and started down the steps. Justin looked up and smiled, returned to his work. Fuck. Brian sat back down.

Ten minutes later he had taken off his boots and socks. Stretched his toes. He laid on the bed, on his side, head on his arm, and looked at Justin work. Turned over and gazed at the ceiling. Undid one button on his jeans. Took hold of the zipper and pulled. The sound of the teeth unzipping was like thunder in the quiet of the room.

Justin heard the zipper running down its tracks and paused with his finger over the mouse. Without moving, he shifted his gaze from the computer screen to the bedroom. Saw Brian stretched out on the bed with his hand over his groin. Shit… His lips parted of their own accord. With great difficulty, he returned to his work, a few seconds elapsing before he actually saw the screen in front of him and not Brian.

Nothing. No reaction. When Brian looked over at the teenager, he was still busy with his fucking vocabulary building program. Well, maybe it was time to turn up the fire. Taking hold of the waistband of his jeans, he raised his hips and was just about to pull them down over his thighs when someone knocked at the door. It had to be Mikey. He and Lindz had the code to his building but Lindz wouldn’t be here at this time of night. Zipping up his jeans, he got up and padded over to the door.

“I would have gotten it,” Justin said.

Brian snapped, “Get back to your work,” and snatched open the door. There, on the other side of the threshold were Mikey, Emmett, and Ted.

“Where the fuck where you?” asked Michael needlessly, pushing past him. Emmett and Ted followed. “Hey, Boy Wonder.”

Justin raised his head without taking his eyes off the screen. “Hey.”

Sashaying over to where he sat, Emmett looked over his shoulder. “Anything interesting?”


Emmett batted his eyelashes. “I admire a man with good oral skills.”

Ted quipped, “I’d like to see that on a standardized test: Verbal, Qualitative, Quantitative, and Oral.”

Snickering, Michael again asked Brian, “So what happened?”

“Got a late start,” he replied.

Glancing knowingly at Justin, Michael said, “Uh-huh.”

“Not because of that.”

Leaving Justin to his work, Emmett and Ted joined the other two at the dining table. “So?” asked Em, “are we going or what?”

“You’re going,” replied Brian. “I’m staying home.”

“Babysitting?” Ted inquired.

“Fuck you.”

Ted grinned. “Save it for Justin, I think he’s expecting it. Reward for a hard night’s work.”

With a look of concern, Michael asked, “Are you sick?”

“No,” Brian answered, getting a little exasperated by their questions. “You act like I’ve never stayed home before.”

“Not without a good reason,” Michael replied.

“Maybe he’s afraid Justin is gonna steal some of his online fuck buddies,” suggested Emmett. “After all, when Justin says he’s eighteen, he’s got the birth certificate to prove it.”

Brian rose. “You can go now.”

Catching Em and Michael’s eye, Ted winked. “I think Brian has a good idea. We should stay in too. We can play poker. Or poke him.”

Before Brian could respond, Em suggested, “Old Queen.”

“Go Dish,” Michael added.

Justin glanced from across the room. “Would you keep it down? I’m trying to work over here.”

Giving them a long-suffering look, Brian said, “You see? The boy is trying to work. So would you please go?”

Ted crossed his legs. “You must have some games around here. To keep the juvenile element entertained. Something like ‘Candyassland?’”

Joining in the fun, Em asked, “’Hung Man?’”

Michael laughed. “’Cooties?’”

The guys broke up at that and laughed so hard Ted had to wipe a tear from his eye.

From over in the corner came a growl. Justin exited his program and stood. Brian cocked his head. “You’ve done it now.”

“Maybe he’s gonna give us each a spanking,” said Em. “I hope.”

Eyes blazing, Justin crossed to where the four men were and stood, arms folded across his chest. “If I don’t do well on the SATs, I’m gonna end up working at the diner for the rest of my life, and I’m gonna live with each of you on a rotating basis.”

“Sex in exchange for room and board?” pondered Ted. “Okay.”

Em considered the proposition. “I don’t know. I’m not into chickens. Maybe he could paint my toenails instead and do my fine washables.”

Sticking out his tongue, Justin stomped off to the bedroom and dropped down in the middle of the mattress. Sat glaring at them. Then he leaned back on his hands and opened his legs.

Michael glanced over at Brian who had been following Justin’s movements with his eyes. He could see that Brian had already forgotten them in the wake of Justin’s obvious invitation. Signaling to the other two, he stood. “Gotta go.” Clapped Brian on the arm. “Thanks for the hospitality.”

“The refreshments were divine,” added Em.

“And the conversation, as always,” began Ted, “scintillating.”

Brian returned his attention to his three friends. “You haven’t gone yet?”

“Does this mean I might actually score since he’s staying home?” asked Ted as they exited the loft.

Emmett replied, “No, honey, just another rejection from the guy or guys he would have been with.”


Pausing at the door, Michael looked back at Brian. “Are you picking me up tomorrow?”

“Yeah. See ya, Mikey.” Turning around, he smiled.

Michael’s chest tightened. “See ya.” And they were gone.

He locked the door behind them and returned to the bedroom where Justin was still seated, open-legged. “Taking a break?”

Justin shrugged out of his shirt and threw it on the floor. “I’m through for the night.”

Shaking his head, Brian climbed the stairs. “No. You’re not.”

They gnawed at one another’s lips, chewing on swollen flesh, licking saliva from the corners of mouths, thrusting tongues inside warm caverns of need. Brian closed his lips about Justin’s tongue and sucked the length of it. Released him. “Tell me what you’ve learned,” he whispered, lapping the skin of his neck just below his jaw and chin.

Justin eased Brian back on the bed. Leaned over until his mouth concealed Brian’s nipple. His warm breath tickled his lover’s sensitive skin. Gently, he encircled the entire nipple with his tongue. Felt the flesh begin to draw to a point. He kissed the tip. Suckled at Brian’s breast. “Vertex,” he said, flicking his tongue over the stiffened flesh. “The pinnacle, the peak, the apex.” Brian inhaled and raised his chest, feeding Justin more of his nipple. The teen gave the bud one last lick and moved to the other side. By the time he was finished, both of Brian’s nipples were erect. He kissed them both and smiled at his lover. “Vertex.”

In a breathless voice, Brian said, “More.”

Kissing a path down Brian’s torso, Justin paused to run his lips over his partner’s ribs, then finished with his detour, he continued towards his objective. Brian shivered as Justin’s tongue dipped into his navel and played among the folds. “Orbicular,” said Justin to describe his belly button. Then explained, “Round, circular, ring-shaped.” He kissed around the depression to emphasize his point.

Careful not to touch Brian’s cock, Justin resumed his trek down the length of Brian’s body. Opened his thighs and smoothed the long muscles there, his fingers moving between knee and groin in even strokes. “Glabrous.” He decreased pressure as he neared Brian’s groin, using only the lightest of touches. “Hairless. Depilated. Bare.”

Sliding his hands around Brian’s hip, Justin turned him over on his stomach. Parted his legs. Opened his cheeks with his fingers, exposing Brian’s wrinkled hole. He moved his face in closer, only a few inches away, and said, “Nadir.” The hairs around Brian’s anus trembled in the wake of Justin’s breath. “The bottom,” he said enunciating clearly, and Brian’s buttocks tensed. “The depths.” He let a glob of saliva fall from his lips into the tightened cavity, then rubbed both halves of Brian’s ass together to work the liquid into and around his hole until it glistened. Brian grunted as Justin’s tongue circled his hole without touching it. Making wide circuits around the basin of his ass. Blazing a trail from behind his balls to the top if his crack, bypassing his anus altogether. Over and over Justin made forays into the area near his hole without actually breaching the outer perimeter. Then, just as Brian thought the torture would go on indefinitely, Justin’s tongue slithered over the surface of his anus. The edges retracted. Again, the tongue glided over the folds and Brian gasped. As he relaxed again, Justin pushed with the tip of his tongue. Brian raised up and moved his cock back between his legs. It was stiffening and demanded attention.

Justin withdrew his tongue from the inner recesses of Brian’s ass and used it to lick his cock instead. From tip to balls, he laved Brian’s dick, leaving no inch of skin unexplored. Opening his mouth around his sac, he sucked gently at first and then, when Brian seemed to demand more, he increased his activities, fairly chewing on Brian’s balls.

After a few minutes of this, Brian motioned for Justin to stop. In the intermission, he turned over and presented his partner with his nearly erect cock. Justin wasted no time in diving in and going down on him. Teeth sheathed, mouth and tongue hungry for the taste of cock. Brian held his cock by the base, freeing Justin’s hands to stroke his balls, to probe between his cheeks. Justin spat on Brian’s cock and spread the saliva around with his mouth. Came up again. Another shower of spit. And Brian wanted to scream. His dick was so hard it ached. The head was firm and filled with blood, the shaft as well. As he watched, Justin rubbed his face against his cock. Kissed the bump at the base. “Turgid.” Licked around the flared head. “Tumescent.” Kissed the tip. “Swollen.”

He climbed up on Brian, his own cock hard, lay down upon him and began to rub his groin against Brian’s. Brian wrapped a leg over his hip and rolled Justin over onto his back. Kissed his mouth firmly. Then began crawling down his body. Stopped at his nipples and tugged on the ring. Both nipples were hard nubs on his chest. Brian kissed both. “Vertex.” Continued moving down. “Orbicular,” he said, giving Justin’s belly button a thorough washing. When he finished saliva had gathered in the folds. Instead of going for Justin’s thighs, Brian went for his sac. Parting his legs, he closed his mouth around one side of Justin’s sac and tugged. Justin cried out as Brian sucked on his balls. Shifting them about in their sac and then releasing them to slide slowly back into place. They were still hairless from the time Brian had shaved him. He said around one ball, “Glabrous.” Sat up and used his thumb to separate them, rubbing up and down the dividing point. He raised his hand and spat upon his fingers, returned them to their place, thumb on Justin’s ball sac, fingers beneath his ass. One probed between his cheeks and upon finding his hole, began to tease him. Brian rubbed against the tight opening and was rewarded when Justin exhaled sharply. He eased his finger inside when next opportunity presented itself. “Nadir.”

Justin arched his back as Brian’s finger continued to move in and out of his hole slowly. He raised one leg and lay his foot against Brian’s shoulder, opening himself up for more. And Brian didn’t disappoint. Easing another finger in along side the first, he stiffened both and began to fuck Justin’s hole. After a few minutes of this, he withdrew his fingers and climbed off the bed. Dug around in his toy chest. Returned to his lover. Sweat glistened on both their bodies.

“What’s that?” Justin asked. He had never gone through Brian’s chest of toys, preferring to be surprised and pleased by whatever emerged from its depths.

“These,” Brian corrected, “are anal beads.”

Justin sat up and looked at what Brian held more closely. There were about fifteen, small rubber beads on a nylon string.

“I have large, wooden ones,” Brian explained, “but I think we should start out slow.” He curled the beads in his hand and squeezed lube into his palm, rolled them about to moisten them. “Roll over.” Justin laid on his stomach. “Now, relax.” He tried. Brian pressed the first bead against his hole. The smooth surface was pleasing. He felt his lips parting to emit the bead as Brian pushed it into him. He uttered a low cry as it passed through his sphincter. “One.” It felt strange and yet pleasurable to have the bead inside him. He squeezed his buttocks and felt the bead shift. Brian fed him another. And another. “Three.” By the time they were up to five, his ass had come to long for the feel of the sphere entering his hole. Brian inserted ten of the beads and paused. “Ten,” he announced quite unnecessarily, because Justin was keenly aware of the number. As he was also aware of his hard-on caught between his belly and the bed.

“Can I turn over?” he asked and Brian assented, smiling when he saw Justin’s erection.

Instead of injecting the other five, Brian used the beaded rope to wrap around Justin’s dick. With his finger through the ring at the end, Brian closed his hand around his bed mate’s cock and rolled the remaining beads up and down his shaft. Justin cried out as the beads massaged his dick. Then, feeling Justin’s cock swell beneath his hand, Brian removed his hand but kept the beads around the girth of his dick. He tugged on the string and the first of the ten beads popped out of Justin’s ass. The teen shouted and grabbed the comforter in his fists. “One.” Brian tugged again. “Two,” he said as the second bead emerged. The combination of the beads exiting his hole and the string tightening around his dick was driving Justin out of his mind. His mouth hung open, emitting strange sounds that he wouldn’t have recognized if he heard them on a tape. Yet Brian knew them, they were the sounds Justin made when he was close to coming. And they made his throbbing dick harden even more. He wanted to fuck him so badly. He unwrapped the beaded string from around Justin’s cock and then, gently, yet at a more hurried pace, he eased the rest of the beads from out of his ass. Dropping the beads to the bed, he tore open a condom and unrolled it over his dick, raised Justin’s legs to his shoulders, and entered him.

They writhed about on the bed, joined in a struggle from which neither of them wanted to depart. Justin loved the way Brian fucked him, long, slow strokes alternating with quick thrusts, the way he swayed his hips from side to side as he entered and withdrew. Wanting to kiss, Justin clasped his hand around Brian’s neck and pulled his head down. They kissed as they fucked, joined above as below. Brian’s feet dug into the mattress for purchase as he pounded Justin’s ass; the muscles in his arms were like iron cords, supporting him while he lunged and rammed his way deeper inside the tight, warm tunnel.

“Oh, oh!” cried Justin as Brian continued to plunge inside him. He gripped Brian’s shoulders and ass, urging him on.

Brian stopped kissing him long enough to say in a voice hoarse with desire, “Tell me.”

Between breaths, Justin whispered, “Harder.” Brian withdrew, then slammed against him. “Yes!” He buried his face against Brian’s neck, then flung his head back, clenching his teeth. Oh God, he could feel it, close but evasive, like a ball of sunlight that warmed your fingers but was impossible to hold. He exhaled in short gusts. Brian’s cock felt so good, he never wanted it to withdraw, and he wanted to come so bad because he knew it would feel a hundred times better to have Brian’s dick in his ass while he came.

Brian ground his groin against Justin’s backside and growled. Bit the side of Justin’s neck gently as he humped him. Withdrawing less and less, strokes shorter, he wanted to dig in as deep as he could and stay. Apparently, that’s what Justin wanted to do as well. His ass muscles clamped down on Brian’s dick and convulsed. Shouting, Brian felt the first spasm in his balls. Cum spurted from his prick, caught by the condom. At the same time, Justin moaned, cum flowing from his dick to spread over his belly. Each wave of his orgasm brought forth another generous emission, matched by the eruption inside his ass as Brian came.

Looping the beads over the knobs in the shower, Brian turned off the water. He and Justin emerged and dried themselves off. “You staying?” he asked.

Justin grinned and eyed Brian’s dick, back to its normal state but still reddened. “You were so good at vocabulary, that I thought I’d get you to help me with the math too.”

Brian reached back inside the shower and removed the anal beads. “Then I’ll be needing these again.”

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