Green-Eyed Monster

Brian had left Woody's with the Boy Wonder again and Michael was pissed because he had loaned Brian this very rare gay animated film from Japan and Brian had promised to bring it tonight and hadn't. Michael was certain Justin had distracted him and that's why he'd forgotten it. A lot of things had changed now that Sunshine had become a semi-permanent fixture in Brian's life. In all their lives. He was the only one who hadn't been taken in by his innocent-seeming blue eyes and he refused to be. After all, no matter how long Brian put up with Justin, in the end, he was only a fuck buddy. He'd lasted longer than any of the others but one day Brian would wake up and kick his pale ass out of bed just like he'd done all the rest. Friends were the only things that mattered in this world. Friends and family and Justin was neither.

He was only an opportunistic little twat who'd outstayed his welcome. After all, he'd left Brian quickly enough once Ethan had come on the scene. Michael still couldn't believe that Brian had let him back into his life after that little escapade. Sure they were working on the comic together again but that didn't mean that he trusted Justin. Ben and his mom told him that he was being too hard on Justin and that if Brian could forgive him, he should too.

But he didn't have to. And he hadn't. How could he when Justin pulled stunts like the one he pulled tonight? Michael knew that Justin didn't give a shit about going to the baths but he'd begged Brian to take him just because he knew that otherwise he'd have to share Brian with the guys. Selfish little asshole. Well, fuck him. Fuck 'em both. He'd get his fuckin' DVD and go home to his own boyfriend.

Tapping in the security code for Brian's building, he climbed the stairs to the top floor and got out the key to Brian's apartment. Opened the door and slid it close after himself. As always he felt a pang of envy when he walked into the loft. It was so amazingly perfect in every detail. No wonder Brian never had a shortage of willing sex partners. Which wasn't exactly true. Brian didn't need the loft, didn't need a sexy car (even though he'd gone out and bought one), didn't need the designer clothes, or the high-paying job. He was all he needed. And he'd lived by that creed for twenty-nine years.

Until he came along. With his baby blue eyes, and his round bubble butt, and his Brittany Spears smile. Brian's very own walking and talking boy toy. Wind him up and watch him go. Never one to turn down a good fuck, Brian had wound him up as often as he could. If he hadn't known better, he would have thought that Brian had fallen for the teen. But Brian Kinney didn't believe in love. He believed in fucking. And according to the BK Fuck Clock, Justin's time ought to have run out long before now. Michael guessed that maybe Justin's leaving had given him a few extra hours but he didn't believe for a second that their 'relationship' would last.

Fuck it. He was not here to ruminate on the mystery that was Brian and Justin, he was here to get his movie. Walking to the livingroom, he saw the jewel case sitting on the coffee table. Brian probably hadn't even looked at it. Too busy fucking. Snatching it from the table, he checked to make sure the DVD was inside (it was) and headed for the door. That's when he heard them. Coming up the stairs.

Shit! He hurriedly locked the door and then scampered around looking for a hiding place. Shit! The loft was nothing but one big, open space. The only room that offered any hiding places was the bathroom. He started towards it. No. Knowing his luck, the Boy Wonder would have to take a piss. Wildly looking around for a hole that did not exist, he moved the TV out a little from the wall and crouched behind it. The livingroom was dark. If he was lucky, they'd never know he was there and then when they went to take a shower, he'd leave.

The DVD. Brian might notice it was gone.

He dashed out to put it back on the table and then ran back to his hiding place just as the door opened.

"Why'd you want to go to the baths anyway? Full of fuckin' trolls."

"As always."


"I wanted you all to myself."

Mikey almost shouted, "I told you so!" but remembered he was supposed to be hiding. Still, it burned. He couldn't wait to hear Brian's response.

"Smart Baby." And they kissed.

Baby? Brian called Justin, Baby?

"Come on," Brian said and Mikey recognized the tone. It was his 'I want to fuck your brains out' voice.

"Wait," said Justin and he pulled away. Sat on the sofa.

Michael's heart began beating in triple-time.


"Come sit with me. Talk to me."

"If we're going to talk, I need a drink."

Now they were both in the livingroom, Brian at the drink cart fixing himself a drink. Once he was done, he sat down next to Justin. "So? What do you want to talk about?"

Michael couldn't believe that Brian was actually indulging Justin. If it had been one of the guys, he would have flipped them off without a second thought.

"Did you miss me?"

"Miss you when?"

"When I was gone?"

There was a long pause. Then, "Justin… Why the fuck would you ask me that now?"

"Because I want to know. If I'm wasting my time."

"I thought you said you understood."

"I do. I guess… sometimes it would be nice for you to say it."

It? What it was he talking about? Michael's temples began to throb. No fuckin' way.

"But you don't have to," Justin added.

"I missed you," said Brian and Michael could tell that he was serious. They'd all known that Brian had missed Justin but for him to admit it, even in private, was unprecedented.

He could hear the bottom of Brian's glass clink against the coffee table as he set it down. Imagined them kissing on the couch, Justin halfway over onto Brian's lap. Then he heard Brian murmuring and Justin said, "You mean it?"

"I mean it."

"Say it again."


"Nobody's here but us. Say it."

Brian whispered in Justin's ear and Michael couldn't hear it but he didn't have to. He knew what Brian had said to him. What they all had imagined he said to the teenager when they were alone. Only he couldn't believe it. Couldn't believe that Brian had actually said it to Justin.

The teen beamed and stood. Held out his hand. Brian took it and he pulled him up from the sofa, then winced.


"My hand. It's been acting up lately."

Brian took Justin's hand between his own and began to massage it. "Fuckin' asshole. I should have knocked his brains out when I had the chance."

"Don't say that."

"He could have killed you. He almost did."

"But you saved me."

Brian brought Justin's hand to his lips and kissed his fingers. "You looked… so beautiful that night."

"So did you."

"I know."

"Asshole." Justin pushed Brian a little, then pulled him back and they kissed. Then they parted and Justin went and put on some music.

Danced his way back to Brian. The man sat on the sofa and watched as Justin swayed in front of him. Not the tawdry dancing he'd done at Babylon, but something more sensual, something he only did for Brian. He could feel the man's eyes on him, knew that Brian found him incredibly sexy and he felt sexy too.

"When the world ends
Collect your things
You’re coming with me"

Michael peeked from around the television and saw Justin dancing for Brian. His eyes were closed and he was following where the music led and Brian couldn't take his eyes off of him. Without even being aware of it, Michael bet, he had inched to the edge of the sofa.

In one smooth movement he was up and had taken Justin in his arms. They swayed together and Brian began to kiss the teen, slipping his hands up under his shirt to feel his back, his shoulders, his hard little nipples. He drew Justin's shirt up over his head and wrapped his arms around his smooth torso. And they resumed kissing.

"I’m gonna rock you like a
Baby when the cities fall
We will rise as
The buildings crumble
Float there and
Watch it all"

Then Justin broke contact and took five or six steps away from Brian. With his back to him, he began to dance again, his hips rotating. He unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and pushed them and his briefs partway down to reveal the tops of his buttocks. Brian crossed to him and slid his hands inside the back of his underwear and cupped his ass. Justin turned his head and they kissed as he danced and Brian caressed his behind.

"We’re going to float
Through the criss
Cross of the mountains
Watch them fade to nothing"

Brian's hand moved around front where Justin's cock had started to rise past the waistband of his Calvin Klein's.

"I’m going to tie you up
Like a baby in a carriage car
Your legs don’t work
'Cause you want me so
You just lie spread to the wall
The love you got is surely
All the love that
I would ever need"

He wrapped his fingers around the teenager's dick and began stroking it.

"Yes," moaned Justin and he reached back for Brian's head, bringing them together in a passionate kiss.

Michael couldn't believe that Brian was still dressed and that he seemed more concerned about giving Justin pleasure than about getting his own needs met. Or maybe he was. He appeared to be enjoying what they were doing.

"Baby," he whispered as he stroked Justin's cock.

"Mmmm…" Justin moaned.

Brian stroked the insides of his thighs and licked his neck. Then Justin broke away. Removed the remainder of his clothing. Stood naked before his lover. "Do you want me?" he asked. Before Brian could take a step towards him, he asked again, "Do you?"

"Yes," Brian said breathlessly. "I want you." Justin crossed to meet him and they kissed as if they hadn't touched one another in years. Brian gripped the teen so tightly he was certain to be bruised but he didn't seem to care. All Justin was interested in was tearing open Brian's jeans and pulling out his cock. Ripping his shirt open, buttons popping, and latching onto his nipples.

"Christ," Brian groaned and he held onto Justin as he was devoured, first his nipples, then his cock, the teen kneeling at his feet and sucking him until he began dripping.

Ashamed that he was witness to their fucking, Michael tried not to look but he couldn't help it. Every time Brian inhaled deeply or sighed or cried out, he peeped at his best friend, amazed that he was actually allowing himself to respond. Sometimes, at the club, it seemed as if Brian fucked just because it was expected of him. Michael had seen him get blow jobs and the expression on his face never changed. Not so with Justin.

Justin took him out of his mouth and lapped at the tip, at the clear juice that gathered there. "More. I want more," he demanded and Brian felt his cock throb. The teen sucked the head until it flared and then he licked the shaft, licked the precum that had run down the length of it.

"Oh, when the world ends
We’ll be burning one
When the world ends
We’ll be sweet makin' love"

He sucked Brian's balls, rolling them about in their sac, hollowing his cheeks as he fed on them. When Justin was through with his cock, Brian thought he would come if even a breeze brushed against him. Justin stood once more and they kissed until saliva smeared their faces. Then he asked Brian again, "Do you want me?"

By way of answer, Brian picked him up from the floor and carried him into the bedroom.

"I’m going to take you
To bed and love you,
I swear
Like the end is here
I’m going to take you
Up to
I’m going to take you
Down on you
I’m going to hold you
Like an angel, angel"

Brian lay between Justin's legs, face pressed into his ass, tongue working his hole. The teen raised his hips as Brain licked him out, his cries swallowed by a pillow. When Brian's tongue entered him, he shouted and reached back to hold Brian's mouth there, around his hole. The warmth of Brian's breath made him feel so hot. He was so slick, slick from Brian's saliva, and he wanted to feel Brian's cock slide through his wet, hot hole and fuck him until he screamed.

His face burned. They were out of sight but he could still hear them, hear them fucking. Worse, he had gotten a hard-on from watching them, from listening to them, but he didn't dare touch himself for fear of being discovered although at this point in the festivities, he doubted if either one would stop for anything short of a nuclear attack.

Justin had tumbled Brian onto his back and unrolled a condom over his dick. Squirted lube over the tip and spread it from head to base. Then, his fingers still wet with lube, he eased one inside his hole, eyes closed as it slid inside him.

"Oh, Baby…"

He knelt over Brian's groin and held his cock in place. Then lowered his ass until the tip of Brian's dick just grazed his hole. He rotated his hips, his hole hovering just out of reach. Every once in a while they would make contact and he would press the head of Brian's cock against his hole before pulling away.

"Baby… please."

Michael had never heard Brian say, "Please," to any trick, no matter how hot the guy was. What the fuck was Justin doing to him?

With Brian up against the center of his hole, Justin pressed down and opened up around him.

"Yes," Brian sighed. "Oh, God, Baby…" he moaned as Justin slid down the length of his cock. "So tight… So… perfect."

Curiosity getting the best of him, Michael crawled around the perimeter of the bedroom and peeked around the edge of the doorway. Saw Justin sitting on top of Brian and fucking his cock. His ass worked Brian's dick as he bounced up and down upon it. As he watched, Justin shifted positions, got on his hands and knees and rocked back and forth, fucking himself on his lover's erection.

"Yeah, Baby. Yeah. God, that feels good. So good. You're so good."

"How… good?" gasped Justin as he swayed his back.

"The best. You're the best," Brian said.

"Don’t come yet," Justin told him. "I want a long ride," he said and for the next ten minutes he rode Brian's cock, resting a few seconds only to begin again, hungrier than he'd been before. He gripped Brian's shoulders and went wild, sweat dripping onto Brian's chest, saliva running down his chin as his hips moved in a blur.

Michael couldn't imagine how good it must have felt to Brian, having that tight ass wrapped around his dick like a skintight, silk glove. That Justin could drive him so crazy to the point where Brian was crying out was an eye-opener.

The teen sat back and squeezed Brian hard, ground his hips into his groin and jerked his ass until Brian grunted, "I'm gonna come," and he pumped his hips hard and shot his load. Justin rose sharply two or three times as Brian thrust up into him. God, that felt so good. He remained impaled for a few moments, then went into a crouch and pulled himself off of Brian. Crawling forward, he knelt over Brian's head and fed him his cock.

"Suck me. Suck my dick. Suck it," he commanded and he fucked Brian's face, his lover's lips tightening around the shaft, building up more and more pressure in his balls until he came. 'Yes!" he shouted, cum splashing the back of Brian's throat, "Yes…" and then he moaned and pulled free. His cock dribbled cum on Brian's lips and his lover licked his mouth and dick, unwilling to waste a drop.

Moving out of sight, Michael pressed down on his crotch. Christ, he was so fuckin' hard. He hoped like hell they went to shower immediately or no telling how long he'd have to stay hidden. Actually, he didn't expect them to do anything immediately except to lie on the bed in a stupor. Fucking like that was like running a marathon: every muscle trembled, your chest ached like hell, and you sweated out so many nutrients, your body hungered for them.

Sure enough, Justin got up and headed for the kitchen. Luckily Michael had anticipated that and had slipped back into his hiding place. The teen got out two bottles of water and rummaged around for something to eat.

"Did you wash your hands?" Brian called out to him.

Grimacing, Justin washed his hands and resumed rummaging. But the fridge was still bare. As usual. "I'm starving," he told Brian.

"Call for Chinese or something. There's money in my wallet. Wherever the fuck my pants are."

Justin found his cell and dialed their favorite Chinese delivery place, then looked for money in Brian's pants. He noticed the DVD on the coffee table. Could have sworn it had been positioned closer to the middle of the table when he'd left the loft that morning. "Did you watch Mikey's DVD?"

"Who do I look like? Captain LameAss? Of course, I didn't." Added, "Totally pathetic."

"Well, someone moved it."

"It was Mikey," Brian said calmly. "Must have moved it before he hid behind the television set."

Michael almost passed out. He hadn't heard what he thought he'd heard. God, he hoped he'd been having an auditory hallucination. One good side effect of being scared was that his hard-on had completely subsided.

"What did you say?" Justin asked, coming to the doorway of the bedroom.

Brian lit a cigarette, took a puff. "I said Mikey must have moved it before he hid behind the television set."

"Is that cigarette laced?"

"Go look."

Justin shook his head. "That's ridiculous. Michael isn't here."

"Yes, he is," Brian explained patiently as if Justin were slow. "I smelled his fuckin', cheap-assed aftershave the minute we walked in the door. He's been wearing the same shit since we started shaving thirteen years ago!" he yelled for Michael's benefit.

"Okay, I will prove to you that Michael isn't here. I'll go look," Justin said smugly. But before he could take five steps, Michael stood up. "Shit!" Justin reached for the throw on the couch to cover himself up. "What the fuck are you doing here?"

"I'd say picking up sex tips," said Brian, coming down out of the bedroom, his black robe tied loosely around his waist.

"And you knew he was here?" asked Justin. "Why didn't you say something?"

"I was distracted," he grinned and reached for Justin, pulling the teen to him by the hips.

Face redder than a beefsteak tomato, Michael bent to pick up his DVD. "I better be going."

"Leave it," said Brian. "I haven't watched it yet. I'll bring it to you tomorrow."

Which translated as "We need to talk," in Brianese. Michael, being fluent, understood. "See ya." Shoulders rounded, he took his leave of them.

As soon as he'd gone, Justin started in on Brian. "I can't believe you knew he was here listening to us fuck!"

Brian shook his head. "Listening to us make love."

The teen tried not to smile but he couldn't help it. It was so like Brian to say something like that when he was so mad he could spit, knowing that it would make him smile, turn him completely inside out. Instead of fighting it, he just smiled and slapped Brian's stomach.


He knew Brian was pissed by the way he walked in and tossed the DVD on the counter without taking off his sunglasses. Finally, he did and stared at Michael as if he were searching for some hidden answer. "So what's the deal?"

"I went by to pick this up," held up the DVD, "and you guys came home before I could leave again."

"I had told you I'd bring you the fuckin' DVD."

"Yeah, well, I figured you were having so much fun with Justin, you'd only forget again."

Brian bit his lip. "So this is about Justin."

"Forget I said anything."

"No. Because you've been pissed ever since I walked over to him outside of Babylon. How long has it been, Mikey, and you still haven't figured out that he's here to stay?"

"Is he? Seems like to me that he walked out on you once. What's to say he won't do it again?"

"I say he won't."

"Oh, yeah?"

"Yeah. Because I won't let him. Even if I have to fuckin' lock us in a room until we either fuck ourselves to death or talk."

"Why bother?'

Brian reached out and pushed Michael, hard. "Because I need him." His eyes were like agates; he was angry that he had to spell it out.

"Because you love him?"

"How about you look after the Professor and leave my life to me?" Brian headed for the door, then paused. Said softly, "Of course, I love him, you asshole." Slipped on his sunglasses and left.

Michael was stunned. To have heard the words straight from the horse's mouth. Brian loved Justin. More than that, he actually admitted that he needed the twink. Christ.

All the rest of the day he thought about Brian's parting words, "Of course, I love him, you asshole." Was actually thinking about them when the object of Brian's affections pushed through the door with his portfolio across his torso. The teen looked stern but Michael hadn't expected him to look any differently. He knew Justin was pissed, beyond pissed at what had happened last night. Still, they had a comic book to work on.


"Hey," replied Justin, taking off his portfolio and opening it up.

"You got the drawings?"


It was time to clear the air. "Look, Justin—"

"You don't have to like me. That's fine because I don't really like you either. But we do have to get along. Because of Rage and because of Brian. You're his best friend and he loves you so I don't have any choice but to deal with that. But you need to understand that I'm his partner, which means you better get real."

"His partner, huh? He tell you that?"

"You just don't get it, do you? But it doesn't matter, you don't have to. You just need to stay out of my way and out of my relationship with him."

"Fine," said Michael. "Separate but equal, is that what you mean?"


Not wanting to ponder what that meant, Michael suggested they look at Justin's latest drawings.


Justin had gone to the bathroom and Michael, seeing his chance, had moved in on Brian. They were out in the middle of the crowd dancing when Justin returned.

"Where's Brian?"

Emmett pointed to the dance floor.

Saying nothing, Justin pushed through the gyrating bodies and began dancing by himself in the immediate vicinity of Brian and his best friend.

The guys watched as Justin swayed to the music, seemingly oblivious to the rest of the world. Watched as Brian glimpsed him and left Michael with a shrug of his shoulders. He slid his arm around Justin's slender waist and the two of them began dancing together. Their foreheads touched and Brian said something to the teen and Justin smiled. They kissed and then walked off the dance floor and out of Babylon, Brian leading and Justin holding his hand.

Emmett raised his drink in a salute. "And that, folks, is a wrap."

Challenge Scenario:

I always love scenarios where Justin has control, not in a B&D sort of way but just in that it's Justin who has Brian panting after him for a change. Justin who knows how sexy he is. Ideally the whole thing would be watched my Mikey, who wouldn't be able to believe the way B and J were acting, the power J has over B. I have a thing for Mikey being jealous of Justin :D

You know that I am a sucker for the third party either walking in on or watching B&J having sex. ONE of my fantasy scenarios is for that third party to be Michael. I envision a scenario where Michael still refuses to accept Justin as anything other than a fcuk buddy to Brian even though for everyone else in the universe it is clear how Brian feels about Justin. In my world, Justin tolerates Mikey cuz Brian loves him as a best friend, but Mikey strongly dislikes Justin and treats him badly. Justin takes the higher road, of course. Mikey feels this way until he is caught in the loft (you create what he is doing there) when B&J came home one night. Michael hides when they come home and cannot get out of the loft. B&J don't know he is there. Nobody is tweaked on anything. Michael is not only treated to some HOT passionate and loving sex - in great detail as only you can do - but some undeniable proof that Brian really loves Justin - and that they adore each other.! Could be conversation, etc. I know that this idea is prolly not a new one, but I have not read a fic like this and I don't think you have done one. I would also like Mikey to eventually be discovered by them both - separately or together and for them to have varying reactions.

Author's note:
It's hard finding hiding places in the loft! *LOL*


  • "When the World Ends (Oakenfold Remix), David J. Matthews and Glen Ballard, Golden Grey, Ltd. ASCAP/Universal-MCA Publishing, 2001 from Matrix Reloaded The Album.

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