Here Comes...

An excited three-year-old met them at the door bouncing up and down. "All right," said Brian, "let me get in the house first."

"Daddy! Daddy, look!" He waved something in front of their faces. Something pink and white.

With ears.

"Christ," swore Brian, "please, don't tell me…"

"Gus is playing the Easter Bunny in his preschool play," Lindz announced proudly.

"I told you not to tell me."

Justin pushed Brian from behind, then swooped Gus up in his arms. "Is that right, Gus? Are you gonna be the Easter Bunny?"

"Yeah!" he said excitedly. "I'm gonna hop!" Justin put him down and Gus demonstrated his hop to the amusement of all but Brian, who covered his face.


"Come on," said Justin, pulling his arm. "Get your stuff, Gus," he told the little boy and Gus grabbed his SpongeBob pull-along and started out the door. With his costume under his arm.

Lindsay started to stop him but changed her mind. Handed Brian a piece of typewritten paper. "Here, you can help him practice his part."

Sighing, Brian pushed open the door. "Christ."

"For someone who doesn't give a shit about God, you call on him enough," pointed out Justin.

"Yeah, and that," he indicated Gus and his costume, "is proof that he doesn't exist."

On the way home, Justin and Gus tried to drive Brian crazy by singing, "Here Comes Peter Cottontail". Even threats to put them out of the car while it was still moving did not stop them from singing. Finally, Brian gave up. And drove faster.

As soon as they reached the house, Justin gave Brian Gus' stuff, told his spouse to start dinner, and then he and the toddler hopped in the Cherokee and took off.

Grateful not to have to hear them singing anymore, Brian shrugged off Justin's strange behavior and went inside to plan their evening meal.

By the time he'd finished the salad, pulled the ears of corn out of the pot, and slapped down five turkey burgers on the grill, he heard the car door slam. They were back.

And still singing.

Wondering if he had enough time to ditch them, he decided he'd better stay and attend to the burgers. After all, he didn't want to burn the house down.

As Justin and Gus whizzed through the kitchen, Justin smirked and winked at Brian. Which boded no good. Resigned to finding out sooner or later, Brian endeavored to ignore his husband's good-natured teasing. The younger men set the table and busied themselves with watching Cartoon Network until Brian finished cooking. Then all three carried the food to the table and dinner was served.

One of Gus' favorite meals was turkey burgers so he wasted no time with talking, just lit into his burger as if he hadn't eaten for days. So did Justin. Taking a sip of beer, Brian nibbled on his salad and watched the other two with amusement. Gus had definitely inherited Justin's appetite. When he'd taken the edge off their hunger, Justin said, "I've been looking over Gus' play and I think he needs an Easter dance."

"An Easter dance?"

"Yeah, he can shake his little cottontail."

Brian almost spit out his beer laughing. "You're evil."

"I'm sweet," crooned Justin. "Least that's what you said last night."

"Sex talk," he replied.

"Daddy?" Gus asked Brian.


"What's sex?"

This time it was Justin's turn to choke on his drink. But he quickly recovered and warned sotto voce, "Don't even think about it. Three is definitely too young."

So Brian smiled and said, "It's a grown-up game."

"Can I play?"

"When you're older," he promised. "Okay?"

"Okay." Used to hearing, 'When you're older,' Gus went back to happily munching his burger. No game, except maybe Hide-Go-Seek was as good as a burger.

With dinner and, hopefully, all of Gus' questions about sex answered, the three cleaned up and adjourned to the leather sofa where Gus changed into his bunny costume. Brian was hard-pressed not to gag, it was so sickeningly cute. "Did Nana help make this for you?"

"Yeah," replied Gus. "I got a basket, Daddy."

"Oh really?"

"With Easter eggs," he told him.

Brian raised a brow and grinned as if he'd just consumed a troop of Boy Scouts. "Maybe you can teach him how to handle his eggs too," he suggested to Justin.

"You've got more practice," Justin replied.

"I think I need a refresher course."

Justin spread his legs provocatively and promised, "Tonight."

Eyes on his husband's package, Brian's nostrils flared. "Mmmm."

Putting an end to the flirtation before it became necessary to cut rehearsal short and retire upstairs, Justin told Gus to say his lines.

Gus fidgeted for a moment, then stared at Justin blankly.

"I think he's waiting for his cue," Brian suggested.

"Oh." Justin looked on the paper. "Okay, I'll be the teacher and, Brian, you can be all the other kids." Brian looked less than thrilled with his assigned roles. "All right, here we go. Ready?" Gus nodded. "Okay, once upon a time, there lived a bunny rabbit named Peter Cottontail."

Gus smiled and said, "My name is Peter Cottontail," and then he hopped around the room.

"Peter Cottontail was a very important bunny because Peter Cottontail was the Easter Bunny. His job was to bring Easter eggs and candy to all the boys and girls. Every year, Peter and his helpers worked hard making sure they had enough eggs and candy for everyone. Some bunnies made candy," he looked at Brian who rolled his eyes and then pretended to make candy, "and some dyed the eggs they collected from the Easter egg chickens." He leaned over, "Pretend to be a chicken."

"I'll have to reach back deep into my teenage years," Brian quipped but he gamely stood up and flapped his wings and did the Funky Chicken which cracked Gus up.

"After all of the Easter baskets had been filled, it was Peter Cottontail's job to deliver all the baskets to good little boys and girls." Justin began to sing and nudged Brian to sing along. "Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail, hippity hoppity Easter's on it's way." Gus began hopping again around the room, pretending to hide Easter eggs. "Now, dance, Gus. Shake your cotton tail," Justin told him and Gus began to dance but he couldn't quite get the shaking part right. Getting up, Justin said, "Watch me," and he began to dance, shaking his tail quite vigorously. Brian crossed his legs. Justin gyrated his hips and Brian uncrossed and then crossed his legs once again. "Now, you do it."

Gus shook his butt again and this time it looked a lot better.

"There you go. You've got it."

Bopping his head and shaking his cotton tail, Gus danced around the room shouting, "Happy Easter!"

"Don't forget to hide your eggs," Justin called out and Gus nodded and bent down hiding his pretend eggs behind furniture. "Very good." Justin clapped. "All right!" Gus returned and climbed into Justin's lap and giggled as he hid his face in Justin's chest. "You were excellent." Gus beamed and Justin kissed him soundly. "Wasn't he great?"

"The next Sir Laurence Olivier," Brian replied dryly. Then relented and kissed Gus too. "You were great, Sonny Boy."

"Daddy come see?"

"Yeah, we'll be there."

"Now," Justin said, "since you were so good at being Peter Cottontail, how about a treat?"

"Yea!" yelled Gus, clapping his hands. He loved treats.

Justin gave Gus to Brian and got up and took something out of the armoire in the corner. It was a video. He waggled it before opening it up and putting it in. Brian could barely suppress a groan. It was Here Comes Peter Cottontail, one of those old Rankin and Bass specials that used to come on television. "I loved this when I was little," Justin told Gus as the little boy climbed back on his lap. They snuggled up at one end of the sofa and waited for the cartoon to begin. Brian got up.

"I'll make the popcorn."

"Bring me a soda?"

"Me too," said Gus.

Brian tapped him on the nose. "You get juice or milk. Take your pick."


"Yes, sir."

Leaving them to watch their show, Brian made hot air popcorn with lots of melted butter since he knew that's how Justin liked it. Then he tore off a handful of paper towels and carried them into the other room with the popcorn, hoping they'd keep Justin and Gus from getting butter all over the sofa. "Here," he said and then went over to the bar to get Justin's soda and Gus' juice. They were already engrossed in the film by the time he finished with their refreshments. Kissing them each on the head, he went upstairs. Peter Cottontail just wasn't his speed.

Of course, in their eyes, Gus was the best preschooler in the Easter play. He remembered both his lines and his new and improved Easter dance perfectly. Lindsay and Melanie were scandalized when he began shaking his cotton tail but Brian and Justin beamed with pride and Molly just giggled. The audience loved it and went wild, laughing and clapping and egging him on. A ham after his daddy's heart, Gus glowed and waved. They could hardly get him off the stage.

As they waited for him to come out after the play, Melanie said, "Maybe he'll be an actor."

"A celebrity," Brian replied. "They dress better."

All the way to Brian and Justin's place, Gus and Molly sang the Peter Cottontail song until even Brian finally joined in, the toddler's enthusiasm was that infectious.

Nana and Nana Jenn were waiting when they got home with a big surprise for Gus: a stuffed Easter Pooh bear and an Easter Pooh bear cake for after dinner.

"Like me," Gus said, pointing to Pooh's costume.

"Just like you," Jenn assured him.

Joanie and Justin finished up in the kitchen while the rest of the adults and Molly watched as Gus went through his part all over again. By the time he was finished, the doorbell rang and the rest of the gang came in, having come over for Easter dinner. They were a day early but since Joanie generally spent Easter at Mass and Jenn was taking Molly to her grandparents tomorrow, they'd decided to celebrate on Saturday after the play. And since Deb and the gang had missed both of Gus' performances, naturally, he had to do his part again with everyone singing "Here Comes Peter Cottontail" as he danced and hopped around the room. Emmett even joined him, shaking his nonexistent tail.

Watching his son laugh at Em's antics, Brian smiled and then slipped off by himself. Ended up outside smoking a cigarette. He walked the front yard for a while and then sat down on one of the benches under the porch, blowing smoke rings. Lost in thought, he didn't notice Joanie until she was seated next to him. Saying nothing, he acknowledged her with a movement of his head, then put out his cigarette.

"Easter was never like that at our house," said Joanie.

"Nope." He remembered what it was like, another opportunity for the Kinney clan to put the fun in dysfunctional. Year after year, Mass after Mass, family dinner after family dinner, they persisted in making one another miserable until Brian went away to college and vowed never to go through any of it again. And he hadn't. Hadn't celebrated Easter or Thanksgiving or Christmas really until he met Cam and they began to make their own traditions. But that hadn't lasted and he went back to his old ways until Justin came along and changed everything. Justin and Gus.

Joanie brushed back his hair, so fine, and studied his profile, seeing a bit of herself in him, a bit of his father too. "I wish things could have been different."

He shrugged. "I survived." Started to light another cigarette but put it back in his case. "It was just another day."

"Another day for us to get things wrong."

"Well," he chuckled, "at least the Kinneys were consistent." He laughed abruptly. "Remember that time Uncle Seamus pissed in the bushes and when we went out for the Easter egg hunt, Carolyn pulled out one that he had pissed on and the colors had all ran?"

Joanie laughed as well and hid her face. "Poor thing, she looked horrified."

"And Mary Catherine told her it was tie-dyed." They both laughed until they had to wipe their eyes. "That was the best Easter ever," he said through the laughter.

After they quieted down, Joanie patted his knee and said, "I always knew you'd have a family someday and you'd do all the things we should have done."

"You had more faith than I did," he told her. "Cause I never thought I'd do anything right."

"Well, you have." She stood. "And dinner's waiting so come on."

He got up, then bent over and kissed her cheek. "It wasn't all bad, you know?"

"Just a lot of it."

Brian snorted. "Yeah."

He awoke Sunday morning with a pair of bright blue eyes looking down at him. "Happy Easter," Justin said, smiling broadly. "What'd you get me?"

Kissing him first, Brian rolled him out of the way and went into the closet. Burrowed in his chest of drawers and returned with something behind his back. "Close your eyes." Justin did, the excitement almost more than he could bear. Finally, Brian told him, "Open up."

Justin laughed out loud. There was Brian wearing a pair of pink rabbit ears and a rainbow thong. He turned to the side revealing a very fluffy, white bunny tail and raised his brow.


"Nice. But I was expecting chocolate."

"I know," Brian said and opened the toy chest. Handed Justin a decorated basket with all sorts of goodies in it.

Tearing off the cellophane, Justin unpacked his gift: chocolate body paint, a chocolate pen, chocolate soap, three tubes of edible frosting, and a tube of flavored lube. "Where are my Easter eggs?" he asked.

"In my basket," replied Brian and Justin grinned and beckoned him to come to bed. Removing his bunny ears, Brian did.

Cupping Brian's crotch, Justin hummed, then pulled down the front of the thong with a smile and peeked in. "Eggs and, ooo, something else. What's that?" He slipped the thong off and tossed it aside.

"Carrot. Every Easter Bunny's got one."

"Looks a little limp." He wrapped his hand around the middle and kissed the tip. "Let's do something about that, shall we?"

"Let's," replied Brian with a sigh as Justin continued to kiss him.

French kissing Brian's dick, he stroked the shaft, feeling it stiffen and thicken in his fist as his kisses deepened and his tongue foraged in the ever widening opening.

Thighs spread and back arched, Brian held onto both the headboard and Justin's nape as his cock continued to harden. He'd never had anyone make him as hard as quickly as Justin could. Before he knew it, he'd be whimpering, aching to come between his talented lips. But he knew that was not to be, not yet.

Sure enough, as soon as his dick was able to stand upright unaided, Justin sat up and reached for the jar of chocolate body paint. Dipping in his brush, he coated Brian's cock and balls with the rich, chocolate sauce. The only place he didn't paint was the very tip. To aid in the chocolate's drying process, he blew on his creation. Within minutes, a thin shell had formed the way it did on dipped ice cream cones. Then he took out the tubes of frosting and decorated his Easter eggs and his Easter carrot with swirls and dots and wavy lines. Finally, he wrote on Brian's belly with his chocolate pen, "Happy Eater!"

Looking down, Brian frowned. "I think you forgot the s."

"Uh-uh," said Justin and smiled. And began to eat. Happily. Starting with his eggs, he licked the paint and frosting from Brian's sac and then sucked each of his balls until Brian buckled beneath him. He gave the one in his mouth a tug and Brian shouted and grabbed the sheets in his fists. His cock was hard against his belly and drooling, precum oozing out of the tip, giving the chocolate shell a gloss when it touched the clear liquid.

Justin held his cock up and watched the precum drip down the chocolate shaft. Carefully, he spread it with his fingers. Then studied his work appreciatively. "You know that video we watched where the guy got fucked with a carrot?" Brian grunted. "I've always wanted to get fucked by a carrot." He opened the lube and squeezed it over the tip, then got on his belly and raised his ass.

Brian lubed a finger, then massaged Justin's hole until it relaxed and he could slip inside. He fingered Justin until his lover writhed below him, trying to take more of the probing digit inside him. Easing his finger out, Brian held onto Justin's hips and mounted him.

They fucked like bunnies, Justin's tail bouncing up and down as Brian reamed his ass. Tight against Justin, Brian grunted as his lover squeezed his muscles around his cock. Nobody could work an ass the way Justin could.

Pulling out, Brian flipped Justin over and grabbed his legs, slung them over his shoulders, and rammed him again. Justin cried out at the invasion but soon began raising his hips to meet Brian's hard thrusts. Chocolate smeared both Brian's groin and Justin's buttocks. The young man arched his back and moaned. He loved messy, sloppy fucking. Opening the jar of chocolate sauce, he poured some onto his cock and began tugging on his dick. Brian licked his lips, then reached for his partner's cock, taking over from Justin. As he fucked his ass, he jacked his cock until Justin's ring gripped Brian's dick so tight, the man shouted. Justin's cock jumped in his hand and spurted loads of thick cream. Running his fingers through the muck, Justin smeared some on his face, then licked his fingers clean. With a loud groan, Brian crouched over him and pumped him hard. Came in his ass.

When their limbs stopped trembling, they grabbed the bar of chocolate soap and headed for the shower. The fun wasn't over. There, inside the stall, they took turns lathering one another up with the delicious smelling soap and then each licked it from the other's body. Brian especially enjoyed bending Justin over and spreading his cheeks, licking the chocolate suds from his still swollen hole. And Justin thrilled to kneel at Brian's feet and suck his chocolate-covered cock to hardness again. Taking the soap in hand, he rubbed it over his ass, then fingered his hole, sighing as he opened up once more.

"Fuck me," he commanded, parting his cheeks and Brian complied, slamming into him and riding his ass until they were both exhausted. Dropping his load, Brian pulled free, then went onto his knees and gave Justin a blow job that had him screaming by the time he came.

Brian licked his lips and smiled. "Mmm, creamy filling." Held Justin's balls in his hands. "Must be Cadbury's."

Challenge Scenario:

Okay, Gus is in some little Easter Bunny-themed kiddie show at his preschool, and he's been elected to play, yep, you guessed it: The Easter Bunny! He's a little worried about his part - and Brian spies Justin giving him some tips on how to best shake his little cotton tail (lol). That night, Bri's got a big "tip" to give Justin (oh, so wrong).

Author's note:
Made some changes but the gist of it remains.

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