Hide and Seek

When Brian was bored, his brain began to seethe, and sitting at the far end of the table, opposite Ryder, listening to his boss drone on during one of their interminable monthly department meetings bored him beyond belief. So he began to plot and plan and as he did his lips curled into a sly smile. Glancing his way, Cynthia lifted an eyebrow, certain that his sudden good humor had nothing to do with Ryder's progress report and wishing she knew just what was going through his mind-and with whom.

Justin checked his email on the sly during class and almost gasped out loud when he saw who had written him: BrianK@Pittserv.com. Brian had never written him first before. Pressing his lips together to keep from yelling for joy, he opened his message. It was terse and to the point-utterly Brian. "Tonight. Sleepover. Seven o'clock. Shower first. B." Justin could hear him whispering in his ear and he shivered feeling Brian's breath on his skin.

He stepped through the doorway into Brian's arms; was pushed back against the door, now shut, and kissed roughly. Brian, one hand around Justin's waist, the other cupped over his ass, kissed him again and then laid his lips against Justin's cheek, near his ear. "I've hidden a few toys around the loft. Find them and we can play," he drawled.

Hide and seek. Justin grinned. "How will I know when I've found one of them?"

"You'll know," promised Brian. He swatted Justin on the rear. "Now, go." Waved as he stretched out on the sofa and waited. "Happy hunting."

When it appeared that Brian wasn't going to give him any hints regarding where he had hidden his toys, Justin made a decision: start in the bathroom. It was a confined space with a limited number of hiding places and anything that didn't belong would stand out like black against white.

So he thought. He quickly realized that was a false assumption. The bathroom was full of hidey holes and seemed to be twice as large as before. Plus, he never realized how much stuff was in the cabinets and drawers. With no clue as to what he was looking for, everything began to look out of place so nothing stood out. It was only after the third sweep of the shower that he realized one of the bottles didn't belong. There was shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, exfoliant, moisturizer, and a bottle of chocolate syrup. His pulse began to dance as his mind conjured all sorts of images. Sauntering out to where Brian lay sprawled on the sofa, Justin held the bottle behind his back.

Brian looked up. "Well?" The bottle of syrup was produced and offered. Taking it, Brian rose and headed for the bedroom. Justin followed, beaming.

The first thing he saw was that the bed had been covered with a ratty, old spread-clean, but clearly something Brian would never use on a regular basis. At Justin's questioning look Brian explained, "I'm not getting chocolate all over my $400 duvet." He dropped the bottle onto the bed and grabbed Justin.

As they kissed they undressed, each one struggling to get out of clothes that had suddenly developed wills of their own, defying them at every turn. Justin's shirt got caught on his head and Brian, hungry for him, nibbled on his nipples until, laughing, the teen worked himself free. Finally, breathless from the exertion as well as from excitement, they stood bare skin against bare skin. Brian pulled away and handed the bottle of syrup back to Justin, laid back on the bed. "I'm starving," he announced.

Justin raised the top on the bottle and upended it over his chest. The thick liquid dripped onto his skin and flowed like molten lava down his torso. Closing the top and tossing the bottle onto the bed next to Brian, Justin began spreading syrup over his chest, his ribs, his belly. Soon his entire torso was covered in swirls, in handprints of chocolate.

With a growl, Brian rose and pulled Justin down upon the bed, already feeling the first stirrings of desire. They wrestled, lips locked in a rough and raw kiss, and Brian could feel the chocolate syrup smearing his own skin. Holding Justin down, he began to feed upon him. Sucking his nipples, tongue working around the ring in the right one. Licking the skin clean down the center of his chest. He paused and opened the bottle, filled Justin's navel with chocolate and then sipped it from his belly button as if he were sampling fine wine.

Justin's chest labored as he struggled to remain semi-coherent and relatively calm, but it was difficult when your lover was going down on you, lips closed around your dick, forming a tight seal so that every movement of his tongue, of his throat, was like the most exquisite torture. And then he was set free-only so that Brian could squeeze chocolate over his cock. He felt it ooze over his balls but was quickly distracted by Brian's mouth swooping down upon his dick, ravenous, rapacious. Justin cried out as a spasm spread in waves from his groin like ripples from a stone thrown into a pond. Brian slid his lips back up the shaft and focused on the head. His tongue sought out the area of greatest sensitivity and concentrated, it seemed to Justin, on driving him out of his mind. He writhed about on the bed and gasped, "I'm gonna come."

Brian gave the head a final lick and released him. From his mouth. But he didn't free him, not entirely. Squirting more chocolate into his palm, he began jacking Justin off, the shaft of his cock sliding through Brian's fist and growing impossibly harder as the man tugged harder and faster with each stroke.

With a muffled cry, Justin blew his load. Brian jerked on his dick, directing the stream of cum at his belly. The creamy, viscous liquid pooled on his chocolate-streaked skin. Coaxing the very last drops from his shaft, Brian grinned and let him go. Then, Justin's eyes fixed on him despite the veil of lust that obscured his vision slightly, Brian leaned over him and began to lap the cum from his flesh. Justin's muscles rippled as Brian took his repast. He didn't cease his feast until Justin's skin was clear of cum and a great deal of chocolate. "Yum," he murmured, lips pressed against Justin's belly. He raised his head, chocolate and cum smeared across his lips. Justin drew Brian up onto him and they kissed, sharing the taste. "Delicious."

After they had rested for fifteen, twenty minutes, Brian reminded the Boy Wonder of the remaining objects hidden somewhere in the loft. He stroked Justin's flank leaving a chocolate palm print.

The teen squirmed in his arms. "What about you?" He encircled Brian's dick with his hand. Although not erect, it was definitely open to the idea of being petted.

Brian brushed his hand away. "Later. Get busy."

Naked, except for the haphazard streaks of chocolate serving as reverse camouflage, Justin began searching for the other hidden treasures, wondering what Brian had in store for him next. Despite the nap he was still pleasantly buzzed from having sex. Smiling broadly, he started to go into the living room when Brian called out, "Wash your hands."

Hands washed, Justin began his search of the living room. Carefully, so as not to get chocolate on anything white-which was nearly everything-Justin lifted cushions, looked behind and beneath and inside planters. Nothing. He looked under the sofa, not believing that Brian would go to so much trouble. Frustrated by his lack of progress, he returned to the bedroom doorway. Brian lay with his eyes closed, a picture of indolence. "Give me a hint," Justin begged. Brian said nothing. "At least tell me if I'm warm or cold," he suggested as a compromise.

Brian opened his eyes. "Where?"

Tentatively, not wanting to waste his only chance, Justin pointed to the living room.

"Cold," pronounced Brian and he closed his eyes again.

That left the kitchen and the bedroom. Kitchen first. One by one, he opened the cabinets and examined the contents. Everything looked in place. But then again, that would be the point of hiding something in there, to make it blend in. And the best way to do that would be to put the object inside of something else. He opened the first cabinet again and studied the boxes. There, in the corner, was a box of Cheerios. He grinned. Brian wouldn't have been able to resist. Justin reached up for the box, and was surprised to find that it weighed a lot more than an ordinary box of cereal. Sliding it all the way out, he saw a J scrawled in the corner. Carried the box, unopened, to Brian.

"Good boy." He sat up and swung his legs over the side. Took the box from Justin and crooked his finger. Follow me.

Justin wasn't surprised that their destination was the chaise lounge, having had two erotic encounters there. Sure enough there were condoms and a tube of lube on the table next to it. Brian ordered Justin to lie face up and to close his eyes. Although tempted to peak, Justin trusted Brian; besides, not knowing whetted his appetite even more. He listened carefully for the slightest hint.

Brian opened the box and removed something from it. Something that clinked softly. Then he took hold of his left wrist and closed something cold around it. Metal. His heart began to race. Handcuffs. Brian drew his hand down and cuffed the other bracelet around the chair leg. Then he did the same to Justin's right wrist. Drawing Justin's legs down on either side of the lounge, Brian tied one rope around his right ankle, passed it over the central support bar of the chair, and then knotted the other end around the left ankle so that Justin lay spread eagle over the lounge, vulnerable, open to whatever Brian wanted. "Open your eyes," he said, and Justin did, faintly alarmed by how helpless he looked.

Then the kissing began. Brian's lips brushed over his nipples, tongue flicking over the tips, and then he bit down. Gently, but firmly, causing pain to ripple from the affected area. He tried to raise up but couldn't, constricted by the handcuffs. It was then that he got an inkling of what it would be like. Again his nipples were laved by Brian's tongue and again a throb of pleasure radiated from the hard nubs before the biting began. "You ready for more?" Trembling, Justin nodded, putting all of his faith in Brian, in the belief that he wouldn't do anything to harm him. Brian leaned over and kissed him gently upon the lips before moving down his torso, bypassing his much abused tits and making straight for his dick.

Soft kisses became demanding, incessant as Brian gave his cock head all of his attention, lips tight around the swollen flesh, tongue probing the gasping slit. Justin could hardly breath. And then Brian went down on him, taking almost all of his cock into his mouth, moaning as he sucked, as if he were famished and this was the meal he had always dreamt of, desired. When he finally paused, Justin's cock dripped with saliva. While Justin struggled to catch his breath, Brian went around the chair and released his arms and legs. That done, he pulled Justin forward in the chair so that his hips were higher than his head. Then Brian reached into his box of goodies and retrieved a cinch with a ring attached to it. This he fastened around Justin's cock, forcing his balls up against the shaft. He took a slender length of rope and threaded it through the ring, then tied the string to the metal frame of the chair. There was very little give.

Justin was confused and then Brian's mouth swooped down on him and he thrust up into his mouth out of habit, out of need, and felt the cinch around his cock pull as it reached to the limits of the rope. He cried out and understood at last. While his limbs were free, his dick was not. So he was still bound.

Brian raised Justin's legs and held them out of his way as he fed on the teenager's cock. He loved going down on him, feeling the thick cock slide around in his mouth; the broad, blunt head rubbing against the roof of his mouth, then the back of his throat. And the cinch ensured that the cock would only increase in girth and length, intensifying their pleasure.

Coming up for air, Brian caught Justin's eye and said in a husky voice, "Hold your legs open." Justin took over, heart pounding in anticipation. As he watched, Brian took out another cord and this one he knotted around Justin's shaft just below the head. The other end he tied to the frame so that Justin's erect cock was pulled slightly sideways. It would be difficult to move without the ropes tugging on his dick.

It would be even more difficult not to move now that Brian had lowered his head and was eating out his ass. Each time his lover's tongue washed over his hole, Justin wanted to scream. And then Brian used his fingers to spread his lips and his tongue began to probe in earnest. Justin clenched his teeth and tried to stay still as Brian's tongue entered his ass and curled upwards towards the roof of his hole. He felt dizzy.

Brian twisted his head and continued to lap Justin's hole, very nearly losing himself in the teen's voluptuous ass. To feel the fine hairs that surrounded the anus against his mouth, to feel the walls of his hole press against his tongue. Hearing Justin cry out, Brian knew that the boy couldn't hold out much longer. Neither could he.

He stood and replaced his tongue with three fingers which he worked in and out of his hole. With his free hand, he stroked his erection. Justin's eyes were fixed on the sight of his throbbing cock. Removing his fingers from the teen's ass, he untied the two ropes holding Justin's dick captive. Slipped a condom onto his cock and lubed himself and Justin. Still standing, he positioned Justin's ass where he wanted it to be and plunged inside him. The teen's lips parted and stretched around Brian's dick, kissing the entire shaft as it passed through the swollen entrance.

Justin's ankles in his hands, Brian thrust at will, working his cock in and out of the pliable opening. At first his strokes were smooth, even, feeding Justin his entire dick, and then sliding out until only the head remained inside. Justin moaned each time Brian's cock dipped inside his hole, the head making its way up his moist tunnel towards some undisclosed destination. Holding onto the body of the lounge, he could only lie there as each thrust, each lunge, each foray brought them closer to the edge.

Then inspiration struck. Brian released Justin's left leg and reached down for the ropes that remained attached to the teen's shaft. Taking them in his teeth, he tugged on them in time with his thrusts. Justin's back rose from the lounge as he shouted. A few more tugs and he tightened around Brian's dick. Cum bubbled from and spilled over his cock head. A strand dropped to his belly and hung there, suspended from the tip of his dick. Brian groaned around the ropes in his teeth, feeling his own climax building. A bright light burst behind his eyelids and he jabbed Justin's hole with even more force, in the grip of the first spasms.

Taking much longer to recover from the last episode, they slept for an hour or more, still streaked in chocolate, the sauce having dried to a pale brown solid that flaked off with every movement. Brian wouldn't risk his sheets or duvet, so they still lay on the ratty spread, arms and legs around one another for warmth. As usual, Justin woke first. Instead of disturbing Brian, he studied the sleeping man, gleaning strength from just looking at him. He loved Brian's eyelashes; so long and silky, they lay upon his cheek like peacock feathers. Loved his slanted eyebrows. His lightly stubbled cheeks. Strong jawline. And his lips, full and red. As if he had become aware of his lover's intense scrutiny, Brian awoke. Smiled. They kissed slowly, no rush to arouse, to entice, just a simple act that expressed their contentment.

Justin brushed Brian's hair back from his forehead. "Did you hide anything else?"

Turning, Brian reached beneath his pillow, drew out a card, handed it to Justin. "A freebie. A reward."

"For what?" asked Justin, and then he blushed when he realized what Brian meant. "What is it?"

"Read it."

"Justin says…" He looked questioningly at his partner.

"Didn't you play 'Simon Says' as a kid? You ought to remember. After all, it was just yesterday."

"I'm surprised you remember," Justin replied. "How many years has it been since you were a kid?"

Brian reached for the card. "Maybe I should take that back, and cut it up, and go to sleep."

But Justin snatched it out of reach. "No!"

"Then play nice," Brian admonished.

"You too." When Brian didn't respond, Justin asked, "And you'll do whatever I say?"

"We'll see."

"No fair!" Justin protested. He climbed onto Brian and straddled him. "I trusted you," he reminded him.

Brian reached up and ran his fingers along Justin's smooth jaw. "I'll do whatever you want. As long as you say the magic words."

" 'Justin says.' "

"And Michael says you're slow," Brian teased.

"Justin says shut up and kiss me."

And Brian pulled down his head and kissed him. That went on longer than Justin had planned, mainly because he couldn't get enough of his lover's lips warm against his. Each time he thought he was ready to move on, Brian would lick the underside of his bottom lip or suck on the edge of the top one or do something that would give birth to a voracious need that threatened to devour him. When they were finally able to part, their lips were swollen, tender.

Justin whispered, "Justin says let's take a shower."

The warm water sluiced them down, washing away the remaining bits of chocolate that clung to their skin. Brian squeezed shower gel down the middle of Justin's back and worked up a lather which he spread over his buttocks, around to and across his chest, down over his belly, between his thighs. Justin could feel Brian's cock slide against his hip as the older man washed him but it was merely one sensation in the midst of many as Brian's fingers worked to arouse as well as clean.

Only the threat of the hot water running out drove them from the shower. They dried off in big, fluffy towels and Justin then applied moisturizer to Brian's skin-part of his fear of growing old ritual that Justin had learned not to mock. Once he had done so and Brian wouldn't fuck him for two whole days no matter what Justin did to entice him. Besides, it was an excuse to touch him, to touch his wonderfully smooth skin. After he was done, he said, "Justin says carry me into the bedroom." As he spoke, his stomach tightened. He didn't know how Brian would react to that order.

He needn't have worried. Brian caught him behind the knees and around the back and lifted him in his arms. Carried him in to the bedroom and laid him upon the bed, sans the ratty spread. Brian had snatched it off the moment they rose to go shower. Despite its excellent service, it was now relegated to a corner in the room, bunched up and forgotten. Having laid Justin on the comforter, Brian crawled onto the bed and waited for his next order. And as he did he thought how beautiful the teen was, like some great, golden cat, stretched out on the bed, waiting to be pleasured.

Justin racked his mind, searching for something that he wanted, something that Brian wouldn't give him ordinarily. To ask him to fuck him, that wasn't enough, they fucked often enough without any special impetus except that they wanted one another and couldn't seem to be apart for very long, despite Brian's protestations to the contrary. He knew that if he wanted, he could get Brian to fuck him every day of the week that began with a consonant. Yet it wasn't enough. He knew what he wanted, what he needed. And no card, no matter how generous Brian was feeling, would impel the man to comply. Justin smiled wistfully and kissed Brian softly. "I'm tired." He started to turn over but a hand to his shoulder stopped him.

"What's wrong?"

For a split second he thought he would tell Brian the truth, but then good sense prevailed and he shook his head. "I'm tired," he repeated.

So quickly the boy's demeanor had changed from joy to sadness. When he had first conceived of the card, he hadn't thought it through, hadn't thought that maybe there were things Justin would want that he wouldn't be able to give, wouldn't want to give, but he could tell that Justin had given it thought, had just come to the same conclusion. Brian cupped his face, running his thumb over his cheek. Kissed him. "One more."


"Just one." He paused, then said, "No matter what."

Justin gazed into his eyes and saw the truth there. Leaning forward, he whispered into Brian's ear, then drew back. Waiting.

Hesitating for so long that Justin had come to the conclusion that he wouldn't do it, Brian finally made up his mind. Taking Justin in his arms, he laid his lips along his neck and whispered two words. And then he remained as he was, face buried in the teen's neck, unable to move. But only for a while, as Justin drew apart and forced him to look into his eyes. A smile spread across the boy's face. Even if he had wanted, he couldn't have stopped it. And Justin didn't want to stop it. He wanted Brian to see how happy he had made him.

Brian's heart hammered in his chest and he wanted to flee the bed, to run and hide from what he had done, had said, but it had been said, could never be unsaid now. And Justin would never let him forget, he could tell by the smile on his face. Christ, he wanted… he wanted to be all right with this but he wasn't. He couldn't accept it, even as he recognized the truth in his words. What was he going to do?

Justin knew by the look in Brian's eyes how much his words had cost him. Holding Brian's gaze with his own, he issued one last order, "Justin says…" He paused, eyes shiny. "Justin says we don't ever have to-" but before he could finish Brian grabbed him and kissed him hard, cutting off the flow of words.

They made love quickly, unthinkingly, and afterwards lay entwined, holding onto one another as a raging tempest of emotions tossed them about in uncertainty. In the weeks, the months to come, they would return to this moment fraught with beginnings and endings and wonder how they had survived when so much had been undone-completely overlooking the fact that the answer was in this moment, in the way they lay head upon chest, trusting a strength other than their own, entrusting their heart to another.

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