Justin lazily opened an eye and surveyed the other passengers. There were only three other people in the car and they were sitting way at the other end, as if they didn't want to be close to Brian and Justin. Which suited them both just fine as Brian was in a understandably yet particularly spectacular pissy mood. It was hot, late, and he was tired.

They'd left the hotel early that morning and had only returned briefly to change before heading out for dinner and dancing that evening. Now, many hours later, they were slowly making their way back to the hotel. Slowly because Justin insisted on riding the subway for a change instead of taking a taxi. Which was what Brian would have preferred. Especially since they'd had to come all the way back to Manhattan from fuckin' Brooklyn, excuse me, Williamsburg. Granted, Club Luxx was all it had been purported to be but still, it was late, he was exhausted and he could still see the psychedelic colors of the club swirling in his head: blue, orange, purple, and red. Who the fuck had thought that would be a good combination when most of their clientele would either be drunk or high or both? And to top it all off, some asshole had hit on Justin most of the night. Having had more than enough, Brian had started to rearrange the guy's priorities for him when Justin dragged him away, reminding him that he'd be more comfortable in their swank hotel room than in a dingy New York city jail cell.

The subway car shook and Justin clutched Brian's waist. His head was laying on Brian's shoulder and he had one arm around his slender torso. That's probably what kept the other passengers away from them. He didn't care. All he wanted was to get back to their room and maybe fool around a little before they went to sleep. He knew Brian was tired but he also knew that Brian wouldn't reject any overture he might make. Just thinking about going down on his lover made him smile.

The car jerked to a stop and Brian swore. "No fuckin' way."

"Why have we stopped?" Justin asked before he could stop himself. He winced in anticipation of Brian's response.

"How the fuck do I know?"

Resolving to stay quiet until they began moving again, Justin snuggled up closer to him and closed his eyes once more. But Brian began to fidget. "What?"

"It's hot."

With a sigh, Justin sat up and moved apart from Brian. He hoped the train started moving again and soon. Brian had just about used up his patience quota for the day.

And then the lights went out.

Justin swore silently. Brian was going to freak.

"What the fuck?" Brian stood up and peered out into the darkness. Of course he couldn't see anything, they were fuckin' underground, in a goddamn tunnel.


"Wow," Justin said softly," you think the conductor would have said something."

"You think?" Brian dropped back down in his seat and folded his arms across his chest.

"You think we'lló" began Justin before cutting his sentence short.


"Nothing." He resolved to stay quiet.

"Fuckin' hot in here," grumbled Brian and he removed his jacket and began unbuttoning his shirt.

Justin, who could barely see him next to him, felt the motion of his arm and could hear the material rustling. "What are you doing?"

"Unbuttoning my shirt."

"In public?"

"Who the fuck can see me?" he asked, looking around at the pitch black car. "And even if they could, who gives a shit? It's hot as hell." With his shirt completely unbuttoned, he decided to take it off entirely.

"Brian," Justin whispered fiercely.

"Leave me alone," his partner replied.

They sat in silence for a few moments, listening to the other people in the car talking to one another, they supposed, or on cellphones, if anyone could get a signal down there. Then the talking subsided and quiet descended upon the car. His own shirt sticking to him, Justin decided to join Brian and pulled his tee-shirt off as well. Settled down next to his lover, bare skin brushing against bare skin. It was like an electric jolt. Unable to resist, he reached over and cupped Brian's crotch. Began stroking him softly.

Brian's lips parted and his breathing became audible. Leaning over, he said in Justin's ear, "You starting something?"

"Feels like you're up for it," replied Justin.

"What about the other passengers?"

"You care?"

Brian raised a brow. "Fuck no."

Justin grinned and unbuttoned Brian's jeans, then unzipped them slowly, one tooth at a time. It seemed to take forever. By the time he was finished, sweat had begun dripping down Brian's chest. He was wet. And hard. Justin reached in and drew out his cock. Bowed his back and opened his mouth around the head.

As hot as he was, Justin's breath was making him hotter. It felt as if he'd walked into a steam room, cock first. When Justin closed his lips around him, he gasped. The inside of Justin's mouth was like an inferno and after a few minutes Brian felt like a volcano that was about to erupt. Justin was sucking him so hard, it was as if he were forcing the cum up out of his balls. But that wasn't the half of it. In between the hard sucks, Justin would flick his tongue over the tip of Brian's cock, setting the head on fire. Brian was on the verge of screaming. His chest worked like bellows and he drew great draughts of warm air in the steamy subway car. Justin released him and he could feel the precum and saliva drip down his shaft. As they kissed, lips mashed together, he growled, "Stand up." Justin did and he pushed him over.

The young man caught hold of the pole in front of him and held on as Brian pulled down his pants and briefs, parted his cheeks, and foraged in his hole. He bit his lip to keep quiet as Brian ate him out. He could feel his hot breath on the folds of his ass causing his hole to contract in pleasure. Minute by minute he relaxed until Brian thrust a finger up into him. He hissed and tightened his hole around the probing, curling digit. Whispered, "Fuck me."

Brian stood and dropped his trousers. Stepped out of them and grabbed Justin by the waist, lifted him up so that he stood on the edge of the seat. Justin wrapped his hands around the pole that hung overhead and his legs around Brian's torso. He felt Brian's fingers dig into his hips as he positioned him over his cock. Felt the head of Brian's dick brush over his hole. Push against it. Through it. He inhaled deeply as he was penetrated, his spit-slicked hole widening to accept Brian's meat.

Hands cupping Justin's ass, Brian thrust up into him as Justin hung above him, his knees pressed into his sides, feet crossed over his back. Heedless of their potential audience, of the chance that the lights might come back on at any moment, they fucked frantically, their motions shaking the car ever so slightly.

Mouths glued together, they kissed hungrily as they worked against one another.

As Brian's cock began to swell inside his ass, Justin started to moan into his mouth, the muscles in his thighs corded like steel as he gripped Brian so tightly there were bound to be bruises on his sides the next day. But they didn't stop, they continued to jerk and jab, muscles trembling with the effort, skin damp and sticky from the heat.

A bead of sweat ran down Justin's back, undulating over the bumps in his spine. His hands slipped from the pole and he grabbed at Brian's shoulders to anchor himself. Falling back onto the seat, Brian gave a yowl and erupted, helpless to control his movements. Pumping up into Justin, he laid his head against the wall and panted while the flow slowed to a trickle and then stopped.

With Brian's dick lodged in his ass, Justin found himself with his knees digging into the seat bottoms on either side of Brian. Continuing to hold onto his shoulders, he jerked his hips forward, working his cock against Brian's burning skin. Working his ass onto Brian's still hard dick. Brian reached down between them and squeezed Justin's balls and he whimpered and exploded. Cum splattered Brian's belly and slid down into his pubes.

Once they'd gotten their breath and strength back, they dressed again, their motions languid as if they moved through thick water. Sweat coated their skin and soaked their hair, their clothes. They were drenched but they collapsed against one another, despite the heat. In the close air of the car, the smell of sex tickled their noses. They wondered if it would drift down to the other end. So far the other occupants hadn't said anything about their frenzied coupling even though they had to have heard them. Then again, it was New York. Maybe people fucking in the subway was no big deal. Especially in the dark.

Or maybe they were asleep.

Twenty minutes had passed and everyone was feeling the effects of the heat. Brian was about two seconds away from taking his shoe and cracking a window when the engine hiccupped and then assumed a steady growl. The lights flickered back on and within minutes the train began to move again. The air sputtered on and, even though it wasn't exactly cool, the minute breeze was most welcome.

Checking to make sure they hadn't inadvertently put on the wrong clothes, Brian and Justin laughed softly and kissed. As they did, the passengers at the other end of the car began clapping. Blushing, Justin pushed his face into Brian's shirt but the ad exec just beamed and raised his eyebrows appreciatively. Guess even New Yorkers appreciated a fabulous fuck.

Challenge Scenario:

Amanda, Jennie and Megan

Brian and Justin are stuck on the subway in New York on vacation late at night and the train breaks down. There are a couple of other people on the train. The air dies then the lights fade. Brian starts taking off his jacket and shirt not caring about the others cause it is hot. Lights go out all the way, they think that people are asleep and they do their thing.

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