"What about you?" Michael asked, the enticing scent of Brian's cologne wafting in the wake of his imminent departure.

Brian paused and replied, "I've got somebody waiting." Then, with no further explanation, he left, as he was wont to do, without saying good-bye.

Hearing Brian turn the lock, Justin's stomach immediately knotted up and he took a deep breath and let it out slowly to relax the tense muscles. Continued to dish up two servings of the jambalaya from yesterday. Surveyed the kitchen and the dining area to make sure everything was perfect. At a thought checked his breath. Okay. Everything was perfect.

Ordinarily it wouldn't have taken Brian very long to slide open the door to his loft but tonight was different from every other night he had spent here: tonight, someone was waiting for him to come home. Reminding himself for the hundredth time that Justin was only a kid, only seventeen and still at the age when everything had the potential, the ability to hurt, he made a promise to himself to be kind, and if not kind, not to wound. He smelled the jambalaya before he saw his houseguest.

"Hey. You hungry?" The breezy tone in his voice hid his nervousness.

He laid his jacket over the back of one the barstools by the counter where Justin stood, presiding over the meal he had prepared. "Not really," Brian replied.

But Justin ignored him, took up the two plates and carried them to the table. "You have to eat something."

His eyes following the teenager, Brian gazed at the table set for two: two white candles and a clear vase containing a pale green plant complimented the black linen napkins and sleek flatware. Justin placed the plates at their respective spots at opposite ends of the table and sat down waiting. "So… what's for dinner?"

"Jambalaya from last night."

Recalling his private vow, Brian took his seat and removed his napkin from its silver ring.

Justin couldn't quite meet Brian's eyes, not after what had happened. He could still see the guy in the Hotlanta tee-shirt kneeling at Brian's feet, tearing open his jeans. Still blushed when he thought of the scene he had staged at Lindsay's and Mel's house. God, what a drama princess he was turning out to be. But Brian-Brian made him do those things.

The object of his thoughts had taken a spoonful of the jambalaya and was chewing reflectively. He looked over at Justin who lifted his eyes under Brian's scrutiny. "Not bad."

The smile that had been bubbling inside him like hot lava spilled over his face. He lifted his own fork. "It's always better the second day."

Brian paused. The words were meant to include more than just the food. Studying the teenager's face as he ate, he privately acknowledged a newfound respect for the kid. Most people couldn't have taken the licks Brian had given him the night before and come back, self-esteem intact and ready for the next round. And that smile. Even he had to admit that when Justin smiled… Taking up another bit of the jambalaya he found himself returning the smile, just a slight one that flittered about his lips, but one that would definitely be taken as a sign of encouragement by Justin. Sure enough, Justin glanced up at him from beneath thick lashes, content for the moment just to be with Brian.

Of course his contentment could only last for so long; like Mikey and Emmett, Justin didn't seem entirely comfortable with silence. Brian watched him struggle not to say something and lose. Raising an eyebrow, he waited for the boy to speak.

"You were like some kind of knight in shining armor today." He grinned. "Coming to my rescue on your trusty, black steed."

A laugh erupted from Brian's belly before he had a chance to clamp down on it. "You were about to get your ass kicked."

Justin disagreed. "I could have taken care of those guys." He thought about it. "Okay, maybe one or two of them." Paused and began on a more serious note. "I'm really glad you showed up."

"Well, we're even. Dinner for a daring rescue," said Brian waving his fork.

His voice dropped in volume, having to say hard things. "And thanks for what you said to my dad. And for letting me stay here."

The mention of Justin's dad caused the vein in Brian's temple to throb. His jaw tightened and he turned his attention to his food for a few moments to give himself time to think of some way to respond without calling the kid's dad the second biggest asshole alive-the first being his old man. "Let's not have an Oprah moment, okay?"

Justin frowned. "What does that mean?"

"It means we don't have to talk this to death."

Cocking his head, Justin said, "I like to talk."

In a deadpan, "I've noticed."

Finishing up his jambalaya Justin asked, "Why do you think that is?"

Brian answered, "Having met your mom, I'd say it's genetic. She wouldn't shut up."

Justin stuck out his tongue. "I mean, why don't you like to talk?"

Holding his tie out of the way, Brian stood and took their plates over to the sink. "There are better things to do with your mouth and tongue." He scraped the plates and placed them in the dishwasher. Scanned the kitchen then fixed Justin with a steady look. "No dessert?"

Justin brought the glasses and passed them to Brian who loaded them as well. "I could run down to the café on the corner-"

"Forget it," Brian whispered, taking Justin in his arms. Backing the boy against the counter, he crushed his mouth upon Justin's, his breath harsh against the teen's soft skin as lips pressed against lips. Justin gasped as Brian began to nibble upon his neck and earlobe. Abandoning Justin's lobes, Brian buried his face in the hollow of his throat, licking his way up to the boy's chin. Then dragging his tongue over Justin's bottom lip, he caught it between his own lips and sucked hard upon the swollen fold of flesh. He drew away, hazel eyes bright, pupils large. "See? Isn't that better than talking?"

Smooth skin against skin, broad palms spread over his chest and belly, Justin loved being held by Brian. He leaned back against Brian's chest, feeling his lover's cock heavy against his buttocks, twitching with the beginnings of an erection. Kissing along his neck, Brian stroked Justin's cinnamon nipples with one hand and cupped his groin with the other. Justin sighed as one hand encircled his cock, sliding lightly along the shaft while the other pinched and gently twisted the ring in his right nipple. And throughout it all the kisses continued, across his shoulders, down his spine, between his shoulder blades.

Feeling the nubs on Justin's chest harden, Brian abandoned his nipples and used both hands on his cock, massaging the shaft, fondling his balls, stroking the soft flesh of his inner thighs. Justin arched his back, head lolling about his lover's chest, as Brian rubbed the tip of his cock. "Oh…oh…" he murmured until Brian released him and eased a finger inside his mouth. He sucked the finger, wetting it with his saliva, before Brian withdrew and brushed the tip of his cock, traced the edges of the flared head. Justin felt his cock harden in Brian's hands and wanted nothing more than to thrust against his palm but Brian wouldn't let him move, saying, "Be still," whenever he shifted in the least bit. "You belong to me. I saved your life, didn't I?" He muttered his assent. "Then be still. This is my reward."

The muscles in Brian's arm tensed and relaxed as he stroked Justin's cock, his fingers mapping a trail from base to tip, making note of ridges and bumps, channels and divides. Justin grabbed his free hand and held it against his hip, mouth wide open, panting, as he fought the urge to jab and lunge. The muscles of his thighs and belly were taut. Brian's cock had reared up between his cheeks, he could feel the head at the top of his ass. A rivulet of saliva ran down his chin from the corner of his mouth. Below, his cock had begun to leak, precum beading at the tip and then dripping towards the floor. Brian held his hand below the sticky strand and used the precum to moisten his palm. He closed his hand about Justin's cock and pulled hard on the turgid shaft. Justin cried out and shuddered as a spasm of pleasure passed through his body.

Brian released him and knelt in front of him. Lapped at the teenager's sac, which had drawn up tight against his cock. Hissing, Justin grabbed Brian's head in his hands and rubbed his balls against his open mouth. When no admonishments came from the man at his feet, he reached down and angled his cock towards his lover's lips. Brian opened up and allowed Justin to slide almost halfway into his mouth. Pressing his hands into his buttocks, Brian signaled for him to stop and he did. Almost immediately, Brian began to suck him, his tongue twirling about his shaft deliciously, causing his toes to curl against the rug. From mid-shaft back up to the head, Brian laved Justin's dick repeatedly, his tongue washing over his hardened flesh with practiced ease. Lips closing around the head of Justin's cock, Brian hard sucked him until the head began to swell again and he thought he would swoon. Then Brian's head dipped and his entire cock disappeared inside the older man's mouth. He felt the tip of his dick rub the back of Brian's throat. Brian growled around his meat causing the most exquisite trembling throughout his body. He felt Brian's lips on his nipples, his throat, his spine, his buttocks, there was no inch of his body that hadn't been touched by his mouth. His anus clenched and he moaned, wanting to feel Brian deep inside him but unwilling to have those lips unwrap from around his dick. God, he was so close.

As if he had heard Justin's thoughts, Brian allowed him to slide from his throat and out of his mouth. He stood and pushed Justin back onto the bed. Crawled over next to him. His own cock was erect, swaying in front of him. Lying on his back at Justin's side, Brian drew the teenager over on top of him. Their cocks brushed against one another. Hands laying lightly on Justin's back, Brian remained supine, handing the reins over to Justin. His thighs opened, beckoning. Understanding, Justin lowered himself onto Brian and began rubbing his cock against Brian's. Brian hissed between his teeth and opened the drawer in the nightstand. "Here." He popped the top and squeezed the lubricant into Justin's open palm, dropped the tube on the floor, uncaring because Justin had grabbed his dick and begun coating it with long, even strokes. Brian's cock glistened. Giving his own a few strokes, Justin lowered himself once more and began thrusting against Brian's groin. Their slippery cocks were like two river otters, sliding over and under one another, muscles flexing in play. Taking his dick in hand, Justin rubbed it against Brian's plump sac, loving the moan he elicited from his partner. Justin lowered his head, face pressed into Brian's shoulder, and began to grind his cock against his partner's, whimpering as his buttocks rose and fell. Brian eased his head up by his hair. "Let me see." And Justin straddled Brian's hips, and grabbing his cock in his fist, began beating his meat. The muscles in his neck stood out like cords of steel as he jerked himself off. With a cry he let loose a creamy wad of cum which flew from the tip of his dick to land on Brian's chest. "Yeah…" breathed Brian. Again and again, his balls contracted until he had released his entire load. Brian's torso was streaked with his efforts.

Justin let his head hang as he caught his breath. And was confronted with the sight of Brian's fully erect, throbbing cock. His muscles still trembling a little, he took hold of his lover's dick and tugged. Brian closed his eyes and opened his mouth, the tip of his tongue visible. Justin gave him another jerk and he groaned. The head of his cock expanded and the slit opened spraying Justin's hand and arm with cum. With each pull of Justin's hand, Brian's cock erupted until his balls were empty.

Pulling the teenager down upon him, they lay together, hearts still racing, bodies sticky, hot, cooling in the aftermath of sex. Justin kissed Brian's chest over his heart and murmured, "Much better than talking."

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