Room Service

The bicycle messenger pushed through the doors of the Liberty Diner and stopped Deb on her way to serve a booth of four. "Justin Taylor?"

Surprised, she pointed him out and watched as the messenger approached Justin, handed him a manila envelope, had him sign for him, and left on his next delivery.

A smile spread across Justin's face. It was from Brian. A hotel card key. With a sticky note attached: "Total Top waiting for a Bountiful Bottom. Now." As Deb neared him, he shoved the card key and note into his back pocket and disposed of the envelope.

"Well?" she asked and he just continued to smile. Nodding knowingly, she said in an annoyed voice, "Brian."

Putting on his best little boy face, despite the fact that he was scheming to rendezvous with Brian for an evening of sex, he asked, "Could I get off a half-hour early?"

Deb frowned. "So you can go meet him?"

"Come on, Deb," he begged.

"For your own good, I should say no."


She punched him lightly on the arm. "But I'm not. Go on. Just--" She paused. "Just be careful, huh, Sunshine?"

He kissed her on the cheek, untying his apron and removing his order pad and pencil. "Sure. Later."

Sauntering through the lobby of the hotel, he boarded the elevator and took it to the twenty-ninth floor, dismounted and followed the signs to room 2918. Cute. He didn't knock but used the card key Brian had sent him. Expecting a room, he was surprised to see that Brian had reserved a suite with a sitting room, bedroom, and bath. He could see the bedroom from the doorway and heard Brian stirring around deeper inside the suite, in what he assumed was the bath. "Brian?" he called out to alert the man to his presence.

In a moment Brian appeared. Still dressed in his work clothes. This was getting more and more curious. "Punctual. I like that." He stood in the doorway between the sitting room and the bedroom and waited. Getting the hint, Justin walked over to him.

"So," he asked, "why are we here?" But Brian didn't answer, just took him in his arms and kissed him, and in a few moments Justin didn't care why they were there, only that they were.

They moved to the bedroom, stood next to the bed, still engrossed in the act of kissing. He reached up and loosened Brian's tie, pulled it free and dropped it on the bed. Pushed off the suit jacket and let it fall on top of the tie. Unbuckled the belt, unzipped the trousers, and kneeling, pulled them down around Brian's ankles. Brian sat back on the bed as Justin removed his shoes and trousers, stripping him of everything but his underwear. Once the teen was done, he crawled on top of his lover and they resumed kissing.

Brian loved the feel of the still-dressed Justin rubbing against his bare skin. The rough jeans chaffing his legs, the soft cotton of his jersey buffing his arms and chest. Only his cock was protected and it too yearned for closer contact. But Justin wasn't ready to divest him of all his clothing and it was understood in this phase of the game that the teenager was in charge.

They couldn't seem to get enough of one another's mouths but Justin was getting impatient, wanting to move to the next level, wanting to feel Brian's skin next to his own. Breaking contact briefly, he pulled off his jersey and got his jeans opened before Brian brought his head back down for another kiss. He managed to kick his sneakers off without interrupting their activity. But, finally, he had to leave Brian lying on his back in order to take off his jeans. Once he had them off, he finished undressing by taking off his briefs. Still, he made no move to do the same to Brian. Completely naked, he scooted up Brian's supine body and knelt over his groin. Lowered his hips until his cock and balls were pressing against his partner's covered crotch. Then, slowly, he began to rotate his hips.

Brian smiled as his cock responded to the new sensations. Feeling Justin's sac caressing his own, despite the thin barrier, aroused him. But he made no attempt to take control, leaving it up to Justin-for now. Justin took hold of his stiffening meat and used it to stroke Brian's crotch. Brian moaned as his cock stirred. The outline of the shaft was visible through his underwear. Moving forward a little, Justin pried apart his buttocks and rubbed his anus against the mound of Brian's dick. His lips tensed then relaxed as he pressed against the firm flesh. And the sensation undid him. Moving to the side, he removed Brian's underwear at last, then stretched out on top of him. As they kissed, Brian rolled them over so that Justin lay beneath him. "I want to fuck you," he whispered, then drew away. "But not yet," he said, laying a finger upon Justin's lips to forestall any complaints. "Come on."

Taking Justin's hand, Brian led him to the bathroom where a whirlpool bath occupied much of the floor space. It was huge, easily accommodating three or four people. The water swirled about like a storm at sea. Brian watched as Justin entered the tub and sank down on his haunches so that he was submerged to his neck. Then he stood again, water rolling off of his smooth, firm body. Turning, he took hold of the edge of the tub and knelt on one of the built-in seats so that his buttocks protruded just above the eddying surface of the water. His asshole glistened, beckoning Brian.

Wasting not another moment, he climbed into the tub and knelt on the floor of the bath, positioning his face on level with Justin's hips. Pressing gently on either side of the teen's anus, Brian revealed the wrinkled hole in all of its pink glory. Unfurling his tongue, he began just behind Justin's balls and continued up to the top of his anus. The teen shivered. God, he loved Justin's ass, loved eating it out, licking it, fucking it, loved the way Justin moaned as he ate him, licked him, fucked him. He continued to lap and nip at and around his hole until the entire area was flushed and Justin's lips had begun to spasm.

Justin laid his head upon his arms and focused on breathing. His cock had gotten so hard that it poked up from beneath the water. He groaned as Brian opened his mouth around his balls and sucked them while his finger played in his ass. He felt the tip of Brian's finger enter him and begin to gently massage his hole. Brian stood, kissing Justin's shoulders and neck as his finger continued to open him up. Then, removing his finger, he stroked the teenager's voluptuous ass, hands sliding over the wet flesh, in between the plump cheeks. Justin turned and their mouths reconnected. Their cocks bumped together, hard, hungry for attention.

Brian moved so that he was against the edge of the tub. Then he sat down on the built-in seat and drew Justin to him. His jaws extended as the teen's cock brushed over his tongue. The head pressed against the back of his mouth and he tightened his lips around the shaft, feeling the head swell. He allowed Justin to slide out, flicking his tongue over the sensitive tip, loving the way Justin's cock bounced up and down in response to his actions.

Biting down on his bottom lip, Justin let his head fall back, hands kneading Brian's neck and shoulders as he fought to maintain some semblance of control over his body. Although he had, in reality, lost control a long time ago, the moment he accepted Brian's invitation and climbed into his jeep outside of Babylon. He smiled, remembering how pissed Emmett and Michael had been, realizing that Brian had stranded them once again, leaving them to hitch a ride with Ted. Brian must have seen him smiling because he ceased sucking on his cock to ask, "What are you smiling about?"

He didn't answer, only wiggled his hips so that his dick slapped against Brian's cheek. Hmm, that felt good and Brian didn't complain so he did it again. Heard a satisfying whack! as his cock struck Brian's face. He could feel the blood rush to his dick and he felt dizzy. But it didn't stop him from slapping the other cheek. Brian smirked. "So you wanna play rough, huh, little boy?" He caught Justin's cock behind the head in one hand and began lightly smacking the palm of his other hand against the teen's sac. The room began to tilt crazily and Justin grabbed hold of Brian's head to steady himself. Fuck! that felt incredible. Brian gave him a few more smacks and then released him. His scrotum was tingling, flushed, and had drawn up against his shaft. "Had enough, little boy?" Brian inquired.

Swallowing hard, Justin replied in a breathless voice, "What else you got?" He saw Brian's eyes flash and knew he was in for it now. Brian had fifteen years experience to draw upon, there were probably things he had done that he would never share with his young lover for whatever reason. Just thinking about the possibilities made Justin shiver in anticipation.

The gauntlet thrown down, Brian's mind went into overdrive. He hadn't really planned on anything more than their having a relatively vanilla fuck session, and then eating, and fucking some more, and going to sleep. But once challenged, the ad exec made it his policy never to back down and never to let his opponent get the best of him. His lips spread in a menacing grin, Brian climbed out of the tub and grabbed a robe, slipped it on, and went into the sitting room. Justin couldn't hear what he was doing but after about a minute he returned, held out his hand, and helped the teen from the whirlpool. "Before you turn into a wrinkly prune. And I don't do old," he reminded Justin, throwing him the other robe.

"What are we waiting for?"

"Room service," replied Brian, an enigmatic smile on his face.

Justin trembled, despite the robe.

First he dried the teen thoroughly and, when not a trace of water remained, made him raise his arms. Then, taking one of the items he'd had Room Service bring up, he began shrouding his torso with plastic wrap. His groin and hips he encased in a plastic diaper, taking care that Justin's cock lay against his belly before he immobilized it. Then he encircled Justin's legs, just below the knees, a couple of times. When he was through covering him up, he tipped him onto the bed, since the teen could barely move, and secured his hands above his head to the corner post of the headboard with his tie so that Justin lay crossways the mattress. Then, as an extra precaution, he rummaged around until he found his underwear and ordered Justin to open up, stuffing the bikini briefs into his mouth to muffle the cries that were certain to come.

Justin's head was swimming. He could smell Brian's scent on the briefs and it made him tingle, just imagining Brian's cock and balls nestled in the soft fabric all day. He could taste him. Despite the fact that his cock had been bound tightly against his stomach, it stretched at the thought. Justin felt a little apprehensive. What did Brian have in mind? He almost wished the man would have blindfolded him, but he supposed that seeing Brian do whatever it was he was planning to do was part of it, part of the thrill for both of them.

Catching and holding Justin's eye, Brian reached over and removed something else from beneath the metal-covered tray. Correction, two items. A lighter and a votive. Justin jerked involuntarily. Smiling, Brian lit the wick. Waited until a pool of wax had formed inside and then held the candle over Justin's chest. Tipped it over so that a drop of hot wax fell upon the cellophane covering his left nipple. At first Justin didn't feel anything and then as the wax hardened, the heat finally penetrated the layers of cellophane. He felt a twinge but it wasn't unbearable. Then Brian reached beneath the cover again and brought out another item. A tiny pair of scissors, like the kind barbers used to trim moustaches and beards. Catching the top layer of plastic, Brian cut through it, exposing the layer beneath. Then he tipped the votive over again. This time the heat reached Justin's nipple sooner and felt hotter. He gasped but no sound emerged from his mouth, stuffed as it was with Brian's underwear.

Brian turned to the other nipple. Twice he waxed and cut. When he reached the next to the last layer, Justin began to worry. The metal in his nipple ring had gotten warm from the previous two waxings and still hadn't cooled completely. And Brian seemed to be pouring more wax on this nipple than he had the other. In the midst of his thoughts the wax struck the plastic wrap and he arched his back. His nipple stiffened, hot wax heating not only the tip but the metal ring as well so that he felt as if he had been branded. Brian could hear his moans through the gag in his mouth. Leaning over so that their eyes met, Brian asked, "Had enough, little boy? Maybe I should tear open the last layer," he suggested. Justin's eyes widened. He couldn't imagine what it would feel like to have the hot wax fall directly on his skin but he decided not to encourage Brian to continue. He shook his head, hoping Brian would play nice and respect his fear.

But Brian took up the scissors again and Justin squeezed his eyes shut in anticipation of being scalded. Only, instead of hot wax, he felt Brian's breath on his skin. Brian licked his nipple, soothing the sensitive skin with his saliva. Justin felt a tear slip from beneath his eyelid, he was so relieved. Raising up, Brian said, "We're just getting started."

Justin jerked against his bonds as Brian dripped hot wax onto the plastic wrap covering his dick. And, unlike with his nipples, the man could choose where he wanted to strike next: the tip of his cock, along the shaft, his balls. The cellophane over his cock was ragged with waxy holes. The briefs were soaked with his spit as he shouted into the wadded up material. Yet, even as he rebelled against the torture, he also knew that he was excited. His buttocks tingled and his cock was straining against the plastic wrap. He wasn't the only one who was aroused. Brian's dick was hard against his belly and had already begun to leak. His skin was shiny beneath the head.

Aware of his mounting need to fuck Justin, Brian took up the scissors once more and freed the teen's legs. Used his arm to hold them up out of the way and then, carefully, cut away the plastic wrap over his anus. He didn't cut all the way through, just down a couple of layers. Discarding the scissors, he used his finger to tear through the remaining barriers. Justin's hips wiggled as Brian's finger brushed against his ass lips. One-handedly, Brian flipped the top on the tube of lubricant and wet his finger. Placed it against the center of Justin's wrinkled rosebud and pushed. Applying continuous pressure, his finger eased through the ring of muscle. Brian looked over at Justin's face to gauge his reaction, saw the look of bliss on his face. Smiling, he worked his finger in and out of the teen's slippery asshole until neither one of them was capable of waiting a moment longer. Almost in a daze himself, he used his fingers to widen the hole in the plastic wrap and drew Justin's legs over his shoulders; encased his cock in a condom and applied a thin layer of lube. Not bothering to release Justin from his bonds, Brian penetrated him.

As they fucked, Brian's cock thrusting up his asshole furiously, Justin began to have trouble swallowing around the wadded-up briefs in his mouth. Panicked, he pleaded with his eyes for Brian to remove the gag. Although he was bound just as tightly by his lust and his desire to fuck Justin raw, Brian was still able to act. He reached down and removed the obstruction. Justin took a great gulp of air and coughed. Once he had his breath back, and the fear of death had receded, he was able to concentrate on their fucking. Not that there was much he could do except moan and hang on.

This was what it felt like, to be completely under someone else's power, to be in their hands, unable to act even to save your own life. This was what it felt like, to be so open to someone that you could feel them fucking you all over, even in your brain. He could feel Brian's dick thrusting up into his throat. Thrusting behind his eyes into his cerebrum. What had Brian done tonight but fuck with his head? You're mine, Brian had said to him, not in words but in deeds. Mine to do whatever I want to… He knew he should have felt ashamed but he didn't.

Brian withdrew, released his hands, and turned him over, mounted him from behind. And as his partner's cock slid up his hole, Justin realized that he too had power over Brian. Because it seemed, no matter what, despite the man's protests to the contrary, he was unable to leave Justin alone, unable to put him aside. The bed shook as they jerked against one another, his hips rocking back to meet Brian's thrusts.

And they fucked:

Battered muscles trying to grip slippery flesh

Swollen lips kissing,


Oh fuck...


Driving deeper--

--not deep enough,

gotta go deeper,


Fuck him

Fuck him

Fuck him

Wanting to cum

Wanting to spew

Wanting to fuckin drench him with cum,

with spunk

Hear him scream

Gripping him tight


God, his ass… is so tight,

so sweet

So fuckin tight

This is--

--this is--

This is what it feels like

Fucking him

So good


Oh God…

So fuckin--



Brian padded in from the other room with a folder in his hands. He dropped down on the bed next to Justin and flipped it open. "So what do you think of the accommodations?" he asked, pen ready to record the teen's thoughts. Justin raised an eyebrow. "We're doing an ad campaign for the hotel. So what do you think?"

Justin grinned and took the folder and pen away from Brian. "I think we need to do further research before I can make a recommendation."

Allowing himself to be eased back onto the bed, Brian said, "Maybe I should book the suite for an additional night."

The teen kissed the man in the hollow of his throat and raised his head. "You do that."

Music: "The Wretched," Trent Reznor, Leaving Hope Music/TVT Music Inc. (ASCAP) administered by Leaving Hope Music, Inc., 2000 from the NIN album Things Falling Apart, Nothing/Interscope Records, 2000.

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