Spare the Rod

Justin ran his hand up Brian's calf and along his inner thigh. Smiled softly and rested his palm on his hip. The mellifluous notes of George Duke playing piano floated on the air.

"I like that," Brian said.

"The music or this?" asked Justin, stroking his skin.

"Do I have to choose?"

"Not for a hundred years or so." Beckoning with tongue, Justin waited for Brian to kiss him. As Brian's mouth crushed his, he tightened his grip on his ass and pulled him closer. He could feel the first stirrings of desire in them both. It was as if each beat of his heart was answered by Brian's throbbing pulse. "I want you," he whispered and Brian rolled him over onto his back.

The door opened and Gus came running in, Leo padding behind him. "Daddy!"

"Oh, fuck," grumbled Brian, pulling the comforter over them both. Gus had to have the God awfullest worst timing in the free world. He sat up in bed as the toddler climbed up onto the mattress. "What?"

Gus scrambled onto his lap. "Daddy, the booga man under my bed," the little boy told him, gripping him tightly.

Shaking his head, Brian glared at his partner. "I told you not to let him watch that movie."

Sorry, mouthed Justin. He and Gus had watched Monsters, Inc. that evening while Brian had worked in his study. Brian had warned him that Gus would have bad dreams after seeing it but Justin had assured him that Gus was a big boy who didn't believe in monsters. Uh-huh.

"Gus," Brian explained patiently, much more patiently than either he or Justin would have imagined he could be considering the state of arousal they'd been in just moments before, "there's no such thing as monsters. They don't exist. It was just a movie. There's nothing under your bed."

"Except dust bunnies," Justin said carelessly.

Brian glared at him again.

"Bunnies?" asked Gus, eyes wide with excitement.

"No bunnies either," Brian assured him. "Okay?"

Gus shook his head. "Come see."


"Come see," he said and tugged on Brian's arm.

As he shrugged on his robe, Brian whispered in Justin's ear, "You're getting it big time. And not in a good way," he added. Then he and Gus and Leo traipsed over to Gus' room where he lifted the little boy's bed and proved to him that there was nothing under his bed. "Satisfied?" Gus pointed to the closet. Brian opened it and showed him that there was nothing in there but his clothes. Before Gus could say it, he cut on the bathroom light and they made a tour of that space as well as the guestroom. "All right?"

Gus nodded. "I want to sleep with you."

"You can sleep in your own bed. You and Leo. Come on, get in." He drew back the covers and Gus got into bed. Brian found Beh and tucked him in as well. Leo took up his position at the foot of the race car. "There. You've got Beh and Leo to look after you. They'll make sure nothing comes in." He kissed him on the forehead and made sure the night light was on before cutting out the overhead light. "Go to sleep."

"Nite nite."

"Nite nite." Paused with the door cracked. "I love you."

"I love you, Daddy," came a tiny voice from the darkness, sounding a little scared and Brian almost relented but, in the end, his parental instincts told him that he was doing the right thing and he left Gus and his posse to sleep in their own bed. When he returned to his room, he found Justin looking contrite.

"Sorry." He plucked the comforter. "I keep forgetting he's still a baby in some ways."

"Yeah. Don't let the vocabulary fool you." Smiled proudly. "Or the long legs." Gus towered above most of the other kids in preschool Lindsay told him.

"Speaking of which…" Justin reached between the halves of Brian's robe and brushed his fingers over Brian's thigh. Brian pulled away.

"I told you, you're going to be punished." His eyes were dead serious.

Biting his lip, Justin lowered his head, then looked up, his eyes glinting. His pulse had begun to race a bit. "How many?"

"How many do you think you deserve?" Brian asked, reclaiming his place at the head of the bed. Justin held up four fingers. Brian shook his head. Justin added two more fingers. Still not enough. Two more fingers. Brian twisted his lips and Justin added two more fingers. "That's more like it." He waited while Justin went to the toy chest. Took out a paddle, holding it with uncertainty. "You know which one," Brian said and he put it back and took out a slender cane with a wooden handle. "Bring it here." He got up on his knees. Justin handed him the cane and got on the bed. Assumed the position, down on his hands and knees, butt up in the air. With one hand on the back of Justin's neck, Brian ran the cane over his partner's ass, moving it in circles over his creamy skin. "Now," he said in a low voice that sent shivers up Justin's spine, "I'm going to spank you. Do you know why?"

"Yes, Daddy," came the faint reply.

Brian's cock twitched. It made his head swim when Justin called him Daddy. But he had to stay focused on the task at hand. "Why?"

"For not listening to you."

"Exactly," said Brian and he raised the cane and brought it down on Justin's ass where his buttocks met his thighs. Justin flinched but Brian's hand on his neck kept him in place. "I'm not angry with you," Brian told him as he struck him again, "but the next time I tell you something, I want you to listen to me. Do you understand?" he asked, striking Justin on the very apex of his ass.

"Yes, Daddy," said Justin, breathing quickly, trying to absorb the pain while Brian continued to land measured blows on his buttocks. He could feel the tears burning his eyes and he knew that in a moment his face would be wet. Brian was only halfway through and his ass felt like it was on fire. Clenching his jaw, he whimpered as Brian gave him the last five strokes.

Brian put aside the cane and gathered Justin in his arms and held him as he wept with relief. When Justin was through, Brian laid him across his lap and got a bottle of lotion from his nightstand, squeezed a bit in his palm and then gently smoothed it onto Justin's reddened skin. "Better?"

"Yes." Despite having just gotten his ass caned, he was sprouting a hard-on.

"You know that I love you."

"I love you too." He knelt between Brian's legs and they kissed, Brian gently stroking his incipient erection, fingers slick with lotion. Justin gasped as Brian used both hands on him, pulling on his shaft and fondling his balls.

"You'll be a good boy for Daddy from now on?"


"Say it," he said, using the tip of his pinky to dig into Justin's pisshole.

"I'll be good, Daddy!" He began panting, jerking in Brian's grip. He could feel the cum churning in his testicles. Brian released his balls but only to take hold of his shaft and keep him steady as he continued to play in his hole. Justin threw back his head. "Oh, God, Daddy. Oh, Daddy…" Brian ran a finger along the underside of his cock and then tugged on the head.

"I love my little boy's cock."

"Fuck me," begged Justin. "Fuck me, Daddy."

Brian used some lotion to lube his cock which was hard and pointing towards his belly. "Come on," he growled and Justin positioned his ass over the dripping tip. Brian grabbed him by the waist and forced him down on his cock. Justin cried out as he was pierced. "Take it," Brian commanded and Justin pushed down.

"Daddy…" Brian was sliding up him and he was losing his mind. When Brian had entered him completely, he rested his head against his lover's shoulder. 'I love you."

"Show me, Baby," said Brian and he held on while Justin began fucking himself on his cock. The young man bucked over him, jamming his ass on Brian's cock once he'd loosened up a bit. Sweat rained down on Brian as Justin bounced on him. "Oh, yeah, Baby. Oooo…"

Justin pushed down and tightened his hole. Relaxed and began swaying his hips, rubbing his cock against Brian's stomach. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" Every time his cock stroked Brian's skin, he shouted until the tension choked his voice.

Justin riding his cock like a desperado, Brian was aching to come. When Justin rose up, he smacked his ass. Hard. The sound echoed in the room along with Justin's moans. Again he stuck him. Thwack. And Justin threw back his head and grunted. Cum slid down Brian's sweaty skin and he continued to spank his lover until only a drop remained hanging off the tip of Justin's cock. Giving him a moment to collect himself, Brian then had him get on his hands and knees again. Facing the foot of the bed. Parting his red cheeks, Brian stabbed his swollen hole and fucked him hard and fast, his orgasm hitting him like a freight train. He pulled out and came on Justin's ass, his jizz streaking his rosy behind. Cupping Justin's ass, he rubbed his cum into his skin.

Later, as they lay together, Justin stretched out on top of Brian and kissed his throat. "Thank you."

Brian smiled in the darkness, palm curved around Justin's behind. "Any time, Baby. Any time."

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