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Ratings: All stories are NC-17+ (some NC-17+infinity)
Note: All stories are in chronological order
Warning: These stories are not for the QAF purist and feature non-canon characters and situations. If you're only interested in reading about Brian and Justin as they are on the show, don't waste your time with these stories, just pop in your DVDs or VHS tapes and knock yourself out.

New story! After a hiatus of years, I've returned with a new post season finale fic: Love You Still in which Brian and Justin come to a crossroad in their relationship.

I'm hoping this serves as an impetus for me to complete some of my unfinished fics and maybe even attempt some new ones.

QAF Season One Gap Fillers

Summary: It's always better the second day....

Bad Boys
Summary: Justin is punished for lying to Brian. Takes place while they were living together.

Love Me
Summary: Brian and Justin negotiate the terms of their relationship. This story takes place two days after Brian visits his dad at the bar.

Close Shave
Summary: A brief interlude in which the Boy Wonder experiences the wonders of erotic shaving.

Trick or Treat
Summary: Brian's online trick plays a trick on him! Takes place during the time Justin lived with Brian.
(No deep story here, it's all about sex!)

Room Service
Summary: A look back at happier (kinkier) times.
Not a lot of plot, just a lot of Mmmm, I wanna mmm mmm mmm...

Couch Song
Summary: Takes place after Justin moves out of the loft. Brian begins to suspect that there is more to his relationship with Justin than just sex.

"...Talking of Michelangelo..."
Summary: Justin's generosity towards a fellow student brings him closer to Brian.

...For Ice Cream
Summary: Mikey and Brian aren't speaking, what's a guy to do for entertainment?

Summary: Justin's trying to study for his SATs and Brian just wants to play.

Summary: Brian tries to come to terms with his feelings for his father and Justin. Takes place the night of the Leather Ball and the day after.

Want/Need You
Summary: How Brian got his bracelet. A story of lost love.

What I Want
Summary: It's Justin's 18th birthday and Brian gives him the best present of all: himself!

First Steps
Summary: Brian and Justin take a small step towards becoming a couple. Takes place a few days after Justin confronts Chris Hobbs outside of Woody's.

Idioteque Variations
Summary: 10 brief vignettes; musings on Brian and Justin's relationship.

Shotgun (Number 1 with a Bullet)
Summary: Brian takes a stroll down memory lane, starting with number 10 and working his way up to number 1.

Funeral Games (after Mary Renault)
Summary: Brian struggles with his father's death.

A Fine and Fancy Ramble
Summary: Brian, Justin, and Gus have a perfect day.

Summary: Justin and Brian have a playdate; you'll never look at kiddie toys again in the same way!

Fairy Tale
Summary: Brian falls ill while he and Justin are babysitting so Justin tells Gus the story of Prince Sunshine and Prince Charming/Alarming to keep them both occupied.
(Note: This one's for Colleen, who wanted a 'totally Justin story.')

Hide and Seek
Summary: Brian and Justin play an erotic game and make an unexpected discovery.

In My Dreams
Summary: Someone dreams of Brian and Justin on a fantasy trip to NYC.

Last Goodbye
Summary: Brian has to let go of the past in order to have a chance at a future with Justin.

The Body Remembers
Summary: The truth about The Most Famous Shower Scene Since Psycho.

Eyes in Love
Summary: Brian deals with rejection on two fronts
(Spoilers for Ep. 20 & 21)

In the World
Summary: Justin and Brian attend a show while Jennifer watches from the balcony. Occurs between Episodes 20 and 21. Inspired by Into the Woods by Stephen Sondheim.

QAF Season Two Gap Filler

Conviction of the Heart
Summary: Spoilers for season two, episodes one through six.

***There will not be a second gap filler for obvious reasons.***

Fantasy Season Two

Disperse the Clouds
Summary: What happens immediately after the end of Episode 22.

Summary: Brian and Justin consummate their love. Set a few weeks after "Disperse the Clouds."

Happy Worker
Summary: Brian faces discrimination at work because of his relationship with Justin

Hold Fast (to What You Have Already and I Will Give You the Morning Sun)
Summary: Cam returns to claim what he believes is his; and Justin struggles with being 18 and in love for the first time.
(This one's for Kym who said she couldn't wait until Cam met Justin).
[Title taken from a painting by Morris Graves.]

Summary: Justin graduates from St. James, while Brian attempts to cross a threshold of his own.

Spin Me Sunshine and Make Me Summer
Summary: Brian and Justin on their dream vacation in the Bahamas. Fun fun fun!

What Dada Does
Summary: The Old Pitt campaign is tanking, Ryder's on the warpath, and Justin pays Brian an unexpected visit. Sort of a sequel to Happy Worker.

Love Between Men
Summary: Brian and Justin face a major test of their relationship.

Snapshots/36 Views of Mt. Fuji
Summary: A "no deep story here, it's all about sex" fic wherein Brian gets to use his new camera.
(For Christine)

Best Days
Summary: Justin attends orientation and the first week of classes at the Pittsburgh Institute of Fine Arts and meets two new friends.

Summary: The gang celebrates Gus' 1st birthday in the aftermath of tragedy; and Brian and Justin hold private festivities commemorating their first year together.
Warning: This story contains references to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Summary: Brian and Justin have fun with a videocamera.
(A birthday story for Colleen.)

Blues in the Key of G
Summary: When Daphne returns to Pittsburgh for a visit and hooks up with Xavier, Michael meets a new guy, and Mel starts to resent Gus' relationship with his daddy and his daddy's boyfriend, Brian and Justin have to cope with the green-eyed monster, jealousy, and take a big step.

Closer to Something Real
Summary: Justin moves in with Brian.

The Legend of Bountiful Bottom
Summary: Some pre-Halloween fun with Bountiful Bottom.
A transitional story.

In Shadow or In Light Part One
Summary: The trial of the People of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Christian Hobbs. Part One covers the following time period: a week before the trial up until the first day of jury selection.

In Shadow or In Light Part Two
Summary: Part Two spans from the first day of jury selection through Brian's testimony.

In Shadow or In Light Part Three
Summary: The end of the trial; and new beginnings.

(All three stories were birthday fics for Kym)

Fantasy Season Three

Summary: The happy couple goes public.

Hey Nineteen
Summary: Brian falls ill; Daphne, Rennie, and Xavier return to Pittsburgh; and Justin turns nineteen.

My Rose
Summary: Brian and Justin celebrate Valentine's Day
(A birthday fic for Adrianne)

The Gift
Summary: Justin and Xavier exchange Christmas gifts; Brian gets an unexpected gift from the past; and Justin makes a decision.

Summary: Brian, Justin, and Xavier deal with the realities of a difficult situation.

Summary: Brian and Justin struggle with the consequences of their experiences with Xavier; and Brian lays the last of his demons to rest.
(A birthday fic for Judi)

London Calling
Summary: Brian and Justin's adventures in London. The first part of their European vacation!
(Yes, there will be more, I just don't know when.)

Life Redux
Summary: The changes a year can bring.

The Last Minute
Summary: Brian and Justin meet an extraordinary person.

Just in Time
Summary: Justin learns the truth about Brian's LA trip. This story encompasses events that occured both in "Life Redux" and "The Last Minute".
(A birthday story for my friend, Colleen.)

Autumn Song
Summary: A brief coda to "Just in Time"; takes place the day after Thanksgiving.

Summary: Brian and Justin celebrate the holidays and their first anniversary.

Object d'Art
Summary: Justin works on the first of six drawings commissioned by Kenneth Harris.
(A birthday story for my friend, Sharon, the best lunch buddy ever.)

One Hand, One Heart
Summary: Brian and Justin buy a new house and hold a commitment ceremony.
Warning: This story is approximately 300 pages long.
(A birthday story for my friend, Adrianne.)

Fantasy Season Four

Still Life
Summary: Brian and Justin's first four months of married life.
(Note: 150+ pages)
P.S. A huge "Thank You" to Adrianne who read an earlier draft and pointed out a big ole omission!

Tuscan Dreams
Summary: The gang celebrates the Fourth of July; and Brian and Justin take a trip to the country.

Joie de Vivre
Summary: Brian and Justin host a dinner for the firm's partners; celebrate their six month anniversary; and throw a party for Gus' third birthday.

Summary: Justin investigates charges of harassment at the Institute.

Summary: Justin takes care of business and the boys celebrate Thanksgiving with family.

Summary: Brian and Justin celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

To Wander in His Shade
Summary: Brian has a final confrontation with Kenneth.

Beyond Fantasy Season Four

Here Comes...
Summary: Gus plays the Easter Bunny in his preschool play.

Spare the Rod
Summary: Brian punishes Justin.

Prince Gus & the Feline Cavalier
Summary: Justin meets a children's librarian and contributes a story for Story Time.
Note: A birthday fic for my friend, Adrianne

Be My Valentine
Summary: Brian and Justin celebrate Valentine's Day right before their fourth anniversary.
Note: Not a lot of story, just a lot of fooling around.

Bringing Home Beck
Summary: Gus brings Beck home for a visit with the family.
Note: Someone once asked for this story but I can't remember who.

Summary: Brian celebrates his fiftieth birthday.

Once Upon a Time
Summary: Brian tells Justin a story.

Picture Perfect
Summary: Brian and Justin at the end of all things.

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