Recognizing the handwriting immediately, Deb was sorely tempted to toss the envelope away but she knew, eventually, Brian would ask Justin why he hadn't responded since he knew wild horses couldn't keep his loyal subject away if he'd received one of His Majesty's summons. So she tucked it in with the other mail and heaped it all on the kitchen table. At least Brian couldn't accuse her of deliberately losing the letter. It wouldn't be her fault if Justin didn't bother to check the mail.

Of course, she'd forgotten about Vic. And, of course, Vic went through the mail and saw the letter addressed to Justin and carried it upstairs and laid it on the teenager's pillow. So much for best laid plans.

Justin came home around seven after his shift at the diner and found the envelope with his name on the outside written in magic marker it looked like. There was no stamp so Brian must have delivered it himself. He tore it open and laughed. Inside was a handwritten card.

Guess he'd better call Daphne and reschedule their movie night. As he bounced downstairs he wondered if he should bring any toys for their date, then figured Brian had enough for the both of them.

He expected Justin any minute now and he was really in no mood to play anymore. Twice he'd been in the process of dialing Justin's cellphone number and canceling and both times he changed his mind. Maybe playing with Justin was what he needed to snap him out of the foul mood he was in, had been in all day thanks to that asshole Ryder. Christ! He was never going to let him forget the Kip Thomas affair. Well, fuck 'em he decided. Grinned. Justin was in for a treat tonight. Then, thinking about the teenager's round, plump ass, he amended his thoughts. They both were in for a treat.

At seven thirty sharp, Justin pushed open the door. Shrugged off his jacket and dropped it and his backpack by the chaise lounge. Brian came from inside his bedroom wearing a pair of old jeans and his black tank top. As usual, the top button on his jeans was undone. Justin loved it when he did that because sometimes his shirt would ride up exposing an inch or two of flesh and tuffs of pubic hair. Not that Justin hadn't seen both his bare flesh and his pubic hair in abundance but being teased like that was very enticing. "Hey."

Brian crossed to the fridge and took out a bottle of water. Paused. "You want anything?"

Grinning, Justin replied, "What I want, you don't have in there."

Brian's eyebrow lifted. "Someone's feeling cocky tonight."

"That's cause I'm excited." He waited a beat. "About our date," he said, putting emphasis on the word 'date.'

"It's not a real date, it's a play date," Brian explained. "You know? Make-believe? Pretend?"

Justin joined Brian in the kitchen and tugged on his shirt, raising it up himself and rubbing his fingers over the man's abdomen. "I don't care." He smiled, hand dipping beneath the waistband of Brian's jeans, fingers combing through tufts of brown hair.

Taking Justin's hand from inside his jeans, Brian grabbed his wrist and tugged him towards the living room. Let go and picked up something from off the sofa. Tossed it to Justin.

The teenager's eyes widened. "A Powerpuff Girls Explosion Backpack?" Brian said nothing, only took another swig of water. "I didn't know you liked the Powerpuff Girls."

Brian pushed Justin in the middle of his back and climbed over the back of the sofa. Plopped down. "I don't. You do. Or, at least, I remember you babbling on about them during our unfortunate incarceration together." It was Justin's turn to push him. "Doesn't play well with others," Brian declared. "Maybe I should rethink this playdate."

Leaning over the back of the sofa, Justin kissed Brian on the neck. "I promise I'll be good."

"In that case, you might as well go now," he said and he pulled the teenager over onto his lap and kissed him hard. Playfully, he caught Justin's lower lip between his teeth and ran his tongue over the moist flesh. Released his lip and went about trying to capture the boy's darting tongue. After a few minutes of that, he raised his head. "Open the backpack."

A little dazed, Justin reached behind the sofa and drew the backpack over onto his lap. As he removed each item, he tossed it onto the cushion. "Twinkies. Pop Tarts. Powerpuff Girl glitter stickers… A hand puppet." He glanced at Brian but the man's face remained blank. "A jump rope. Water gun. Stackable rings?" The last was a plastic column with a rounded top and a curved base on which hung three multicolored plastic rings of varying circumference. He remembered Molly having one when she was a toddler. Still looking for dildos and plugs, Justin turned the backpack upside down and shook it. "That's it?"

"Oh ye of little faith." Pause. "And imagination."

Lips curled in a smile that hinted at mischief, Justin toyed with the jump rope whose function he'd guessed the moment he removed it from the backpack. "How about I tie you up for a change?"

How long had they been… seeing each other? And Justin still hadn't learned that there was nothing Brian wouldn't do in the pursuit of pleasure. "Fine." Then as Justin's smile widened, he said, "Provided you use these," and he picked up the glitter stickers, "first."

His time with Brian had not been wasted. Justin accepted the proffered stickers and the challenge. "Deal." Stood and held out his hand. Pulled Brian from the sofa. Then, jump rope and stickers in hand, he practically skipped to the bedroom.

Brian followed the swishing movement of his hips with lust in his eyes and a leer on his face.

He stood still as Justin slowly removed every stitch of his clothing, lifting arms and legs when told to, until he was completely naked, which took a while as the teen seemed particularly entranced by him tonight. Justin devoured him with his eyes, savoring every inch of exposed flesh, hands traveling lightly over his lover's body. Following further orders, Brian laid down upon the bed and stretched his arms above his head.

Justin tied his wrists together. "Too tight?" he asked, fingers lingering on Brian's skin.

"Uh-uh." Justin's hands remained wrapped around Brian's. "You're trembling." He looked up into Justin's face. "We don't have to do this."

And, in truth, Justin was a little scared. He had learned what being submissive revealed about his needs, his desires, and he was a little apprehensive to discover what dominating Brian might uncover about his personality. One of Brian's less attractive traits was his need to control everything and everyone around him. When it was employed in the service of pleasure, his drive to control was bearable, even desirable; but when applied to other situations, it became a measureless cavern in which his common sense sometimes wandered and was lost. Justin had no desire to emulate him in that particular matter. Wearing his shirts was one thing, taking on his not so appealing character traits was another. As much as Justin loved Brian, he didn't think he'd want to change, even if there was a chance it might guarantee him Brian's affection. Besides, there had to be some reason Brian kept letting him hang around, kept letting him into his bed, something about him that the man found alluring. After all, he could have almost any man he wanted, had as many as he wanted, and yet he continued to share his body and his life with Justin.

"You all right?" Brian asked, jerking him out of his thoughts.


"The night's not getting any younger."

Justin swallowed a retort.

"Don't even think about saying it."

The teen tugged on the rope binding Brian's wrists. "And what are you gonna do about it if I do?"

Surprised by Justin's aggressive posturing, Brian raised an eyebrow and decided to let it pass.

Intending to continue the game, Justin paused, appetite suddenly whetted by the sight of a naked, bound Brian. Sensing the teen's arousal, the man closed his eyes, allowing Justin the leisure to study him. It was like looking at a caged animal, some big cat, a cheetah maybe… sleek and powerful… long legs… fine-featured. Justin caught his breath, spread his hand over Brian's belly.

Brian opened his eyes. "The stickers…"

Fuck. He'd forgotten. The price of his pleasure. He quickly stripped and tore open the package, mind racing. Then he smiled. "I'm going to ask you five questions and each time you get one right, I'll put a sticker somewhere on your body, and when I'm done, I can do whatever I want to each of those places."

"For how long?" asked Brian, intrigued.

"As long as I want."

Before agreeing, Brian inquired further, "What kinds of questions?"

Grinning, Justin replied, "Questions about me. See if you were paying attention."

Shit, thought Brian, I couldn't even fuckin' remember his name when we first met. I hope these are easy questions. But out loud he said casually, "Fire away."

"What's my sister's name?"

Although his face remained impassive, his body tensed. His sister? He'd like to forget his own. Cunt. Cunt Claire, that's what he used to call her and Mikey would give him lecture #47 about the importance of family. Justin's sister's name? He racked his brains trying to remember Justin mentioning her. Remembered… Justin on the telephone. Always. The night Gus got sick and they took him to the hospital. Justin was talking to his mom. Telling her he couldn't come back home. "Give____a kiss for me." Give who? Ah… Mary? No. Carrie? No. Collie. That's a dog. Molly. "Molly!" he said triumphantly.

Shocked, Justin removed a sticker from the card and put the sticker over Brian's navel and pressed it so that it adhered to his skin. The way it sparkled seemed tawdry somehow. He wondered how Brian would look with a navel ring or a jewel in his belly button. Sexy as hell.

"Next question," said Brian, cocky as hell now that he'd gotten one right.

"Name one drug I'm allergic to."

"Codeine," replied Brian without hesitation. "That's why I keep it on the top shelf." They both grinned remembering how nervous Justin had been that first night.

Lifting Brian's cock, Justin applied a sticker to the shaft, then smiled at his handiwork. "Pretty."

"Two down, three to go."

Justin ran a finger over Brian's nipple, then tweaked it eliciting a yelp. "Smartass. Okay. A hard one. What song was playing the first time we danced together at Babylon?"


"You didn't even try."

Brian shook his head. "You know how many fucking songs I've heard in Babylon? They all sound the same to me now."

"Fine," declared Justin, a little out of sorts.

"So what was it?"

" 'Let's Hear It for the Boy.' "

Brian smiled. "Appropriate."

"Next question," Justin said, not smiling in return.

Aware of the change in Justin's attitude, Brian kept quiet. Maybe he could redeem himself with the next question."

"What's my dad's name?"

"Too easy." But Justin refused to change his mind, convinced that Brian didn't know. So Brian answered quickly and peevishly, "Craig."

A small smile appeared. He held up the third sticker. Placed it in the hollow of Brian's throat, careful not to press down too hard. "Last question," he whispered, face just inches from Brian's. "What brand tennis shoe do I wear?"

Closing his eyes, Brian tried to see one of Justin's sneakers in his mind. Although he was in advertising, he didn't pay attention to brand names unless he was doing the ad for he product or buying something for himself. What brand? Okay, there was Adidas, Nike, Reeboks, K-Swiss, Sketchers-No… Adidas or Nike. He made a decision. "Nike."

Again, Justin smiled. He had gotten it right. Triumphantly, he placed the last sticker along Brian's inner thigh.

"So. Would you consider me an expert?"

"Knowledgeable," was all Justin was willing to give him.

"Well…?" said Brian.

Justin rolled Brian over onto his hip and smacked his buttock sharply. "I'm in control. Remember?" Then he almost burst out laughing. The look on Brian's face was priceless. Stunned, to say the least. And then his hazel eyes glittered and Justin knew Brian was completely turned on by the way things were proceeding. "So no talking, and no trying to tell me what to do. Got it?" Brian pressed his lips tightly together. "Good." He crawled up Brian's body, removed the sticker from his neck, and lowered his head to the man's exposed throat. Kissed the soft flesh gently. Nuzzled beneath his ear. "If I were a vampire," he said moving down Brian's neck, "I would bite you and drink your blood." He licked along a muscle and then concentrated his efforts in one spot. "God," he whispered, "licking your neck is like licking your cock." He grazed Brian's flesh with his teeth, felt his lover tense. Did it again, only this time applied more force, caught a bit of meat between his teeth and sucked on it until the skin reddened. "Can you imagine me chewing on your cock the way I chew on your neck?" He nibbled the skin all along the length of Brian's neck, ending his journey back in the hollow of his throat. "Cutting your meat with my teeth and sipping the blood from your dick, from all those tiny holes." He reached down and ran his fingers along Brian's belly stopping just short of his cock, content to circle the man's navel instead. "Making you come." He sucked on the flesh of Brian's throat while his fingers continued to circle his belly button. He could feel Brian's muscles jerking. Raising his head, he looked down at Brian's face, at the need clearly present in his features. Glanced down at his cock, stiffening against his thigh.

Removing the glitter sticker from Brian's belly button, he dipped his finger into the depression and Brian arched his back. "Yeah…" breathed Justin. He climbed over Brian's body so that his knees were on either side of his chest, then let a glob of spit drop into his navel. Using a bit of the bedspread, Justin cleaned out the area. Then, he licked his way down his torso until his tongue rested on the edge of the hollow. He caught the rim between his teeth and tugged. Brian gasped. He licked the offended flesh. Allowed his tongue to slide inside the hole. Over and over again, he washed the wrinkled flesh until it shone brighter than the glitter sticker he had removed. Meanwhile, Brian was tortured not only with the sensation of Justin's tongue in his belly button, but also with the sight of Justin's asshole and cock and balls over his head.

And then the teen moved on, past Brian's dick to his thighs. Spreading them open, he removed the third sticker and went to work on the tender, smooth flesh. As he licked and kissed Brian's thighs, Justin lowered his hips so that his cock and balls rested on Brian's belly. Up and down, his mouth moved from knee to groin without once touching Brian's dick or sac, driving him crazy.

In an instant Justin moved off of Brian, turned around, and spread the man's legs open wider, attacked his inner thighs with renewed purpose, moving closer and closer to the neglected area of his crotch until Brian's dick began to twitch whenever the teen seemed to be heading in that direction. Justin raised up and wrapped his fingers around his own cock. Stroked it slowly, feeling it stiffen inside his hand. Staring into Brian's eyes, seeing the desire there, the frustration. He straddled Brian's hips and continued to pull on his meat, his eyes never leaving Brian's face, yet aware of Brian's erection growing beneath him. Then, he caught his cock about mid-shaft and pointed the head towards Brian's navel. Pumped his hips. The head dipped inside, brushing against the furrowed walls. It felt incredible. He rubbed the tip against the sides of Brian's navel again. It felt like brushing up against his lover's asshole. Tight. Impenetrable. He moaned and began fucking it in earnest, his hand sliding up and down the shaft in time to his thrusts.

Brian thought he would explode. Each time Justin's dick head made a foray into his navel, a pulse went through his cock, as if his belly button and his balls were somehow connected.

Justin lifted his dick from Brian's navel and a line of precum stretched from the cavity to the tip of his cock. Moving forward, he didn't stop until his cock rested in the hollow of Brian's throat. Then, slowly, he began rubbing his dick along the man's neck, kissing him softly with the tiny lips of his hole. Leaving little wet spots where the tip had made contact. Head falling forward, Justin gave a cry and came. A spurt of cum struck the underside of Brian's chin and slid back down his throat. Again Justin jerked and released another stream of spunk. And another. And another. He gasped and continued to pump his dick with his hand, his fist covered with the last few drops of his load.

Brian's throat and chin were splattered with cum, the pale liquid streaking his flesh like paint.

When the strength to move returned to his legs, Justin went to the kitchen and wet a paper towel to clean up himself and Brian. On the way back he made a detour, retrieved the backpack and its contents from the sofa. After removing all traces of his climax from their bodies, he took out two more items from the pack: the packet of Twinkies and the hand puppet.

"Justin…" began Brian and, when he had the teen's attention, he said, "untie my hands. My arms are getting tired."

Justin untied one hand and then said, "Different position. Sit up." Brian sat up, willing to go along with the game a little longer, and Justin tied his hands behind his back. Spread Brian's legs and knelt between them. Although his cock was still hard, it had softened from its previous state, having been neglected. Now Justin intended to remedy that. Smiling slyly, he slipped on the hand puppet and held it up to Brian's face. "Meet my friend, Mr. Gator. Mr. Gator, Brian; Brian, Mr. Gator. Mr. Gator's lonely." He stroked Brian's face. "He's looking for his best friend: Mr. Snake." Mr. Gator wandered down Brian's chest. "He and Mr. Snake have such good times together. You wouldn't believe it," he said, Mr. Gator sliding around his waist to his back. "And he's so sad because Mr. Snake has gone into hiding." He ran his hand up Brian's back, over his tied hands, up between his shoulder blades. "He hasn't seen him in so long. I wonder where he could be?" Back down again. Back around. Down the torso. Then Justin held Mr. Gator up and addressed the puppet. "Mr. Gator, I think I see him. I think I see Mr. Snake." He pointed Mr. Gator towards Brian's dick. "Is that him? Is it, Mr. Gator?" And Mr. Gator opened his mouth wide. "I think it is. Only one way to tell." His eyes fixed on Brian's, Justin said, "Go see if he'll play."

Brian's back arched as Justin's hand with the soft, felt puppet closed around the head of his cock. The zig-zag pattern of the puppet's teeth sent chills up his spine. "Oh, yeah," whispered Justin, "that's him all right. That's Mr. Snake." And Justin, removing the sticker first, stroked Brian's dick with the hand puppet until it was hard, the veins standing out in the shaft, the head blossoming with each stroke. Then he pulled his hand away, addressed the puppet. "Mr. Gator, how rude. You haven't offered Mr. Snake anything to eat and I bet he's hungry. Let's see what we can find." Taking off the puppet, Justin tore open the package of Twinkies. "I've heard he's fond of these," he said. He bit off the end. Chewed and swallowed. "Not bad. Let's see what Mr. Snake says."

Brian's eyes widened as the teen slid the Twinkie over his cock. He could feel the creamy filling spreading over the head and then the shaft as Justin lowered the Twinkie as far as it could go. Then he raised it. Brian inhaled, his head spinning. Lowered it. The edges were beginning to split as the fit was tight, but Justin continued to work the Twinkie on his lover's cock as long as he could. And when it was no longer possible to continue with the Twinkie, he discarded it. Remained kneeling between Brian's thighs, staring at the cream-covered cock. Brian moaned, wanting Justin to finish him off, but the teen made no motion to do so. "Fuck," gasped Brian, having realized that Justin wasn't going to bring him any relief, at least not yet.

Justin reached for the bag. "There's still some goodies left. Wouldn't want to leave anything out." He peeped inside, then grinned. Standing, he maneuvered Brian onto his stomach, his hands still tied behind his back. Then, with his actions out of Brian's sight lines, Justin got a tube of lube from the night stand and popped the plug on the water gun from the backpack. He squeezed until the tube was empty and the gun was filled.

"What are you doing?" Brian asked, irritated by the delay and by the fact that he had gotten Twinkie cream on his duvet, and got another pop on the butt for his troubles. Before he could complain, however, Justin had spread his cheeks and was licking at his hole, erasing all complaints from his mind. When Brian's hole glistened, Justin pulled away and picked up the water gun. Squeezed the trigger so that lube oozed out of the tip. He spread the lube over the end of the gun, Then eased it into Brian's ass. Brian groaned as the tip moved through the first tight ring of muscle guarding his insides. Justin paused and then pushed through the second and stopped, letting Brian adjust to the invasion. Then, Brian's breathing having returned to normal, Justin pulled the trigger and lubed his lover's hole. Withdrawing the water gun, Justin continued to pump. As the barrel popped free, lube ran down Brian's thigh.

Justin took out the next to the last item from the backpack, the stackable rings. Removing the rings from the column upon they were arranged, Justin lubed the plastic pole until it shone. Then he tugged on Brian's leg. "Come on. Get down on your knees." He helped Brian kneel upon the floor. If he was alarmed by what the teenager proposed, Brian didn't show it. Justin held up the largest ring. "Too big." Then the smallest. "Too small." Then the middle ring. "Just right." Enough of the cream filling remained that it provided excellent lubrication for the makeshift cockring. Justin slid it down over Brian's dick until it rested snug behind his balls. He placed the base of the toy on the floor below Brian's buttocks and held onto the base. "I'm waiting."

Brian held his breath and lowered his hips until the round top of the toy pressed against his hole. Taking another deep breath, he slowly pushed downwards. His hole stretched around the bulbous top and he felt tears spring to his eyes. But he continued to apply pressure until the tip had passed through his sphincter muscles and rested firmly inside him. His chest rose and fell heavily as he fought to relax. Then, obeying some internal signal, he began to descend once more, taking another inch of the toy inside him. Justin maintained a firm grip on the base, watching as Brian's hole moved close and closer to the bottom. Finally, Brian had taken all of the column inside him. The skin of his ass rested against Justin's knuckles. Justin raised up and whispered against Brian's neck, "Ride it." And Brian did. The muscles in his thighs flexed as he worked his ass up and down the plastic pole. The round head filled him to capacity and he moaned constantly as he fucked himself with the multicolored toy. Moving to the side of Brian, Justin kept one hand on the base of the toy and wrapped the other around Brian's cock, jacking him roughly, knowing that Brian was close to blowing his load. His balls held tight against his dick by the plastic ring, Brian's meat had filled with blood so that the veins were distended. Justin ran his fingertip over the apex of his cock and was rewarded with a bead of precum. Giving the shaft a few more tugs, Justin released Brian's hands and knelt behind him, took up the toy and began working it against his ass, hardly sliding it out, rough fucking Brian's hole with it. Brian barely got one hand around his cock before he exploded. His asshole tightened around the toy and then his muscles tried to push it out as cum spurted from his cock, but Justin held it firm against his hole, while he continued to ejaculate. As the last few drops splattered the floor, Justin released the toy and let it slide free. Brian collapsed against the platform of the bed, exhausted.

Hard from the moment he had slid the Twinkie over Brian's dick, Justin tugged on his own meat until he came again, his spunk dotting Brian's thighs and legs with cream.

They rested a bit and then almost crawled into the bathroom. Justin laughed when he saw what awaited them. Brian had set-up a medium-sized wading pool on top of a blanket. The water level was shallow. Lying next to the tub was a sponge shaped like a hand and four containers of paint. Saying nothing, Brian climbed into the pool and sat cross-legged. As Justin got in, he cautioned him, "I wouldn't lean back." Justin reached over the edge and picked up the sponge glove and one of the containers. "What's this?"

"And you call yourself an artist."

"What am I supposed to paint?"

" 'Not too bright though,' " said Brian, quoting one of his favorite movies, The Matrix .

Grinning, Justin opened each of the containers and poured a bit of paint into the hollowed-out cavities of the glove. Crawled over to Brian who opened his legs in welcome. Justin knelt between his thighs and said, "Here, hold this." Brian held the glove and Justin, on a whim, leaned over and kissed him. The kiss went on for some time, Justin loving the feel of Brian's mouth against his, of Brian's tongue seeking out his tongue. Drawing away finally, he dipped his fingers into the paint and wrote upon Brian's face, 'Perfect,' P-E-R on one cheek, F on his nose, and E-C-T on the other cheek. Kissed him again. Then drew two dots on his neck, like teeth holes. A heart over his heart with the name, 'Justin' on the inside. Brian said nothing, remained still like a proper canvas. Reaching his belly, Justin wrote, 'Mine' upon his stomach with an arrow pointing downwards towards Brian's cock. He lifted the organ in question and painted the tip yellow, the rest of the head bright blue. Drew red stripes along the shaft. It stirred in his hands. He dipped his hand into the paint and wrote again on Brian's belly, this time the word was 'Eager.' Inspired, he wrote other words upon Brian's chest and torso. 'Hungry.' 'Excited.' Brian got up on his knees and turned so that Justin could draw upon his back. Spreading paint over his palms, Justin cupped Brian's buttocks, leaving his handprints upon his flesh. Between his shoulder blades he drew a winged serpent. He sketched a rose in the hollow at the base of his spine and drew a long, green stem which disappeared between Brian's cheeks. Thinking of the luscious rose hidden there, he kissed the back of Brian's neck, and, aroused, brushed his cock against his partner's thigh.

Brian, his own dick growing harder by the minute, dropped the sponge glove in the water and stood. Helped Justin from the pool and into the shower. They hastily washed the paint from his skin and from Justin's hands and stumbled out again, mouths glued to one another. Justin grabbed a towel as Brian lifted him and carried him into the bedroom. Time to play again. Least they had a box of Pop Tarts and one Twinkie left to fortify them for the long night ahead. Leave it to Brian to think of everything.

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