Trick or Treat

With the Boy Wonder over at Daphne's for the evening, Brian decided to cruise the chat rooms to see if anyone worth talking to was online tonight. Well, maybe talking to was over- or understating the case a little. After cruising Pittm4mnow for a few minutes, and feeling like he was stuck in the middle of a bargain basement menswear sale at the Big Q, he was about to log off when someone caught his eye. "Bountiful Bottom ISO a Total Top. Come check out my homepage, you won't be disappointed." The URL followed. He consulted his watch. What the hell. If it didn't pan out there was still time for a quick one at Babylon or Woody's. So he nibbled. Clicked on the link and waited for the page to load. Smiled. "Yes." Definitely had potential. Knowing that most guys monitored their email constantly if they were on the make, he dropped him a line. "How many inches can you take?"

Received a reply in about twenty seconds. "Whatever you've got plus three more."

Brian typed in his phone number as a response. In forty-five seconds his cellphone rang. "Sixth floor, corner of Tremont. I've got a foot long dildo and I want to see it disappear up your ass first, or you can get the fuck out without getting fucked. If you're not here in fifteen minutes, don't bother coming at all." Snapped his cellphone shut. Closing down his computer he went into the bedroom and knelt in front of his treasure chest. Flipped the lid and smiled as he removed the object of his desire. It had been a while since he'd come across a bottom willing to go the extra mile with this one. Maybe this guy was truly talented. Didn't matter. If he was cute and could take nine, he was in like Flint. As long as he was out by ten thirty which was when Justin was due back. Brian shook his head in amusement. Too bad Justin wasn't into threesomes. Of course, he had never asked...

The buzzer sounded exactly ten minutes later. Not bad. He pressed the lock-release button for the building and slid open the door to the loft. Waited for his guest to arrive. At the last minute he turned to give the apartment the once-over, hoping Justin hadn't left any of his shit lying around. He supposed he'd been the same way when he was seventeen, but Justin--

Someone cleared his throat.

He glanced around and paused. Blond, just like the page said, and blue-eyed. Full, red lips. Sure of himself, the trick sauntered past him, evidently in order to give Brian a view of the goods. He wore a tight, light blue t-shirt and a pair of cotton drawstring pants that showed off his plump ass to perfection. Brian ran his tongue along the inside of his cheek. He'd do, even if he couldn't take all twelve inches of the dildo. But no need to tell him that right away. Brian closed the door to the loft and said, "Strip."

But instead of complying, Blondie cocked an eyebrow and checked out his host's body, specifically his basket. "You first. I wanna see what you've got."

Not one to back down, especially in his own den, Brian extended his claws. "Gotta get it hard first before you can take a true measurement."

The guy approached him. "And if it's not nine inches?"

"I don't think you'll care," he replied, pulling his shirt over his head and mussing up his hair. Stood feet apart, an open invitation implied in his stance.

His proposition was accepted. The trick got down on his knees and slowly unbuttoned Brian's fly to reveal a thatch of brown pubic hair. Despite himself, the young man made an appreciative noise and ran his fingers over and through Brian's bush. Eased the jeans over his slender hips to reveal his succulent cock. And then he was on it. Starting with the fat head and slowly making his way up the smooth shaft. By the time he turned his attention to Brian's balls, the rest of his dick was shiny with saliva. The trick's forehead became smeared with his own spittle as he burrowed behind Brian's cock to feast on his sac. After a few minutes of that, Brian eased him off and asked, "Well?" rather breathlessly.

In response the young man rose and began taking off his clothes. Brian grabbed him and kissed him roughly, untying and yanking down his pants to expose his bare ass. He filled his palms with firm flesh, kneading the plump mounds as they gnawed on each other's lips.

Somehow they made it to the bedroom. The moment they climbed the last step, Brian indicated to his partner that he should grab onto the edge of the low chest of drawers in front of him, which he did. Brian kissed down his back, using his tongue to trace the knobs of his spine. He knelt, his tongue disappeared between the young man's cheeks eliciting a sigh and then a groan as Brian parted his buttocks and began rimming him in earnest. The Bountiful Bottom's lips trembled both above and below. Tongue encircling his hole, Brian reached between the trick's thighs and took hold of his dick. Began stroking it. And the webpage had been right about that too: he wasn't disappointed. In fact, he wanted more.

Leaving off licking his ass, Brian began sucking his cock, his lips sliding up and then down the shaft, his undulating tongue causing tremors in the trick's dick. But it still wasn't enough. He pressed the pad of his thumb over the blond's asshole and began fingering him, thumb pumping his hole until groans of pleasure filled the air. That was better. When he'd judged that the man had had enough, Brian released him and stood. Kissed the back of his neck and whispered hoarsely, "How many inches do you think you're due?"

Mouth open, breathing raggedly, the trick replied, "All twelve."

Brian left him and retrieved the dildo from the bed, the lube from the nightstand. Returned and laid the lube next to the trick's hand. Ran the dildo up his back from his tailbone to his shoulder blades. The man turned to see if it really was a foot long. Brian placed the head against his lips and watched as the blond bottom curled his tongue around it and then licked up and down the latex shaft. "Lube it up," Brian commanded. When the entire shaft had been slathered with lube, he had the man squeeze some in his hand too. This he spread over his hole, sliding one finger inside to prepare the way. Bracing himself with one hand on the edge of the chest of drawers, he began. "One," announced Brian as the head pressed against the wrinkled opening and then spread the lips apart and pushed inside, past the tight ring of muscle guarding the entrance.

The trick gasped as he was penetrated, then smiled. "More," he said.

Happy to oblige him, Brian fed him another inch. "Two." His breath was cool against the man's neck. He continued to apply pressure. "Three, four." A sudden movement on the trick's part caused him to pause. "Enough already?" A shake of the head. The muscles in his arm flexed as he worked three more inches inside of the blond's ass. "Seven." He grinned. "I'm impressed. Wanna go for the gold?"

"Do it," came the harshly whispered answer. Sweat dripped off the young man's forehead and his belly was tight.

Slowly, even slower than he had begun, Brian eased another inch inside his rectum. Heard a sharp inhalation. Stopped. Waited until the man's breathing had returned to normal. Gave him another inch, and then another. Ten so far, only two more to go. He licked the guy's neck. "You are something else."

He was rewarded with a faint smile. "Last two," the trick reminded him.

Brian pushed hard and his guest cried out. He held on firmly to the dildo, his fist wrapped around the huge balls that formed the base. "Yeah…" he breathed, and then he flattened his hand beneath the base and pressed in the last inch.

The trick's head fell back and his body jerked.

Brian left his hand where it was, holding the dildo in place. "How does it feel?"

"Fuckin' fantastic," came the answer in hushed tones, yet Brian could hear the excitement in his voice, the lust.

Fired by the man's pleasure, Brian murmured, "You're making me so hard..."

His partner wiggled his hips slightly, moving the dildo around in Brian's palm. "Then fuck me."

Having removed the dildo and grabbed a condom from the bowl next to his bed, Brian fucked the trick where they stood, the man bent over the chest of drawers, face pressed up against the opaque glass wall of the bedroom. Although the dildo had relaxed him, his asshole was still tight enough, and Brian enjoyed fucking the Bountiful Bottom, pounding his pink hole until his partner was crying out at every thrust.

They changed positions, the trick sitting on the counter top, the back of his head against the glass, legs wrapped around Brian's waist. One of Brian's hands gripped the edge of the door frame, the other pulled on the blond man's cock. And they fucked. Saliva dripped from the corner of Brian's mouth as he lost himself in the movement of his hips driving his cock into the man like a piston. He slid in and out of the well-oiled hole with amazing regularity until his balls began to feel like they were twisting in a knot. Releasing the man's cock, Brian encircled the man's back and waist with his arms and lifted him, still joined, from the counter top and carried him to the bed.

Lying on his back, his legs over Brian's shoulders, the young man moaned and tugged on his swollen cock as Brian fucked his hole. He raised his hips in an uncoordinated attempt to meet Brian's lunges, but he was too far gone to want to do much of anything but take it. Brian gasped and began a series of sharp jabs, his dick moving only a few inches in or out of the man's hole. Finally, unable to hold back any longer, he shouted and felt the first gush of cum leave his cock.

As Brian came, the trick continued to pull on his dick until he too became caught up in the throes of ejaculation. Crying out, his stomach muscles contracted, he jerked on his cock until it had finished spewing. Slumping back onto the bed, he savored the feel of Brian's still hard cock buried in his ass.

Brian rolled over and studied the man lying on his belly next to him. He reached over and stroked his voluptuous ass, fingers dipping into the crevice between his cheeks, brushing over his still tender hole. The young man hissed, yet turned his head towards Brian and smiled. In answer to the smile, Brian leaned over and kissed the tops of his buttocks, then laid back down on his side. "So whose ass is that on your page?"

"I don't know," Justin replied. "I found it on the web." He tensed his ass muscles. "Mine's better."

Neither confirming nor denying the teen's assertion, Brian asked, "Then why didn't you use yours?"

Justin grinned. "You would have known it was me." At Brian's noncommittal look, his confidence faltered. "Wouldn't you?"

Instead of answering, Brian switched off the light. "Go to sleep."

Knowing that there was no point in continuing a conversation once Brian had decided it was over, Justin closed his eyes. Then he heard a voice in the darkness.

"You have a mole on your right cheek." Justin ran his fingers over his ass. "About two inches away from your thigh." He moved his hand down. There it was. "Now, go to sleep."

Smiling, Justin made a note to himself to cruise the chat rooms more often. Maybe Bountiful Bottom would make another appearance.

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